As I was driving home yesterday afternoon, well, back to the hotel while I am working this assignment away from real home, I heard someone talking with Sean Hannity on his radio show (and yes, it is Sean Hannity who is a hack for Trump, but the guest was NOT).  What was said was not only astounding and disgusting, but turns out to be very true.

“Our U.N. ambassador [Susan Rice], champion of the altered Benghazi talking points, helped block attempts by Sudan to turn over the world’s most wanted terrorist [Osama bin Laden] outright or share intelligence leading to his capture.”

You know, two things for me to remind readers who come here:  first, we surround ourselves with those of like minds and agendas, and second, evil loves evil company, especially when the agenda is to simply destroy people.

Oh, and is it just serendipitous or hideous coincidence she was there during another Demon-crap Presidency with antisocial flavors?

So, Susan Rice stayed around after Benghazi because Obama not only appreciated her, but she lied so well, and this last point will piss off the ignorant and clueless reader, but, he needed a shield of using a black woman to do his bidding so these Demon-crap scum could try to hide behind accusations of racism and misogyny.

It is at a point when I hear the charge of racism, I just want to take a shit and throw my feces at the accuser.  That is what such baseless and projecting lies are worth…

Image result for image of Obama with Susan Rice

I hope they nail this bitch, and then this bastard!…

addendum 4PM:  Oh, and the pathetic repetitive hypocrisy of the Left alone, well, look who set the bar for foreign influence, who Lice, er, Rice worked for prior:

“President Xi has to be smiling when he turns on CNN, or has his minions check on Twitter. He knows there is indeed a foreign power that recently spent millions to sway an American presidential election, and a president and vice president who happily held out their hands and let it happen. That power was China, and the president was Bill Clinton.  

If you want to learn how the Clintons and Democrats really view the issue of foreign influence on a sitting president, don’t bother with the Clinton Foundation or its millions of dollars from foreign governments looking for quid pro quos. Look at what happened during Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign in 1996, which was rocked not by one but two scandals with serious implications for foreign manipulation of our national security. “

Again, the Clintons are the epitomy of antisocial shit in politics.  Again, people wanted the lesser of evils, I had to chose, yeah, a Narcissist barely but does beat an antisocial.

The Republicans are more narcissistic than the Democrats, as the Democrats are more antisocial than the Republicans.  Wow, how’s that for an observation?!

Personality Disordered Society, folks, you vote ’em in…