Here’s a beauty, not that it’s a surprise, but look how much they are increasing the tax per gallon:

“The measure will increase the excise tax on gasoline by 12 cents per gallon from the current $0.28 and on diesel fuel by 20 cents per gallon, among other fees, over 10 years. The money will be used for repairs to roads and bridges as well as for anti-congestion projects.”

Do the math, over a 40% increase from the current amount!

Yeah, that money is going solely to roads.  I’d tell you about that bridge in the Nevada desert, but better yet, how about that road to Hawaii?  I just have to say, what healthy, functional, attentive person who still lives in California, well, how the f— do you do it!?

Here’s the hideous yet realistic question:  WHEN the next serious natural disaster affects that state, be it earthquake, fire, mudslides, or something else I can’t think of here, well, how many Americans from other states are really going to care about this failed state?

I ask in the title of this post about sunshine, but, is it really absurd and preposterous to entertain these Democrat ostomy bag cretins won’t try to tax citizens being outdoors and using the sun?  Or even more ridiculous, taxing oxygen use?

When will people wake up and see the evil that are the Demon-craps, at least more so as a party than the Repugnocants?

It is sad folks, really sad what masquerades as both representation and alleging to care about the people.  But, haven’t we seen this failed, hideous rhetoric before, and endured the ugly outcomes as well…

Image result for image of failing roads in california

Who needs video games when this is your drive to work…