Nice start to the week:

“So, while Kerry, the then-face of American foreign policy and our chief diplomat said that the stockpile had been removed, his deputy admits that they knew that wasn’t the case. In keeping with the administration’s record post-Benghazi, is this another lie from the Obama administration? It’s not the first time. We all remember when then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who eventually became national security adviser to Obama, said that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous reaction to an offensive YouTube video. It was eventually found out to be a well-planned terrorist attack by al-Qaeda affiliates, which the administration knew hours after the assault. Now, U.S. intelligence agencies say that Assad may not have turned over all his weapons. Gee—you think!”

OK, maybe my criteria and not yours, the reader, but:

*lies repeatedly

*shows no remorse for lying and lack of concern

*If not overt illegal acts, certainly does things that puts others at risk, and

*mocks and dismisses appropriate and well accepted boundaries and rules.

Sums it up for me, so, why do people continue to minimize, dismiss, and rationalize what this bastard did for the last 8 years?!  Oh, and don’t try to blame it on minions, they didn’t act without getting approval first, that is what the King demands!

Hmm, my hypothesis still seems to fit, personality disordered society, and the antisocials, well, they aggregate with the Demon-craps, and just love what this guy was able to do to fuck up America those last 8 years.

Oh, and to other countries too, who don’t share his narrative and agenda…