First go to the last post here, about the United Airlines assault, which is what it was, and then read this story, if for some reason you missed it yesterday:

Note this little tidbit from the link here:

“The gunman in the North Park shooting was identified as Cedric Anderson, 53, of nearby Riverside, who according to police had a criminal history that included weapons charges and domestic violence that predated his brief marriage to the slain teacher, Karen Elaine Smith, also 53.”

OK, let’s review some basic rules and common sense matters to these two incidents, which to me are related by violating said basic rules and ignoring common sense

* First there is zero tolerance for abuse.  PERIOD.  The cops on the plane assaulted this man, and everyone there just either sat there and shot video or just said “this is wrong”.  Yeah, it was, and will the police arrest an entire plane load of passengers for appropriately stopping an assault?  That was being recorded?  Umm, we’ll never know, well, until the lawsuit reveals all the facts and fuck ups.  As per the shooting, what is the relationship?  Zero tolerance for abuse from a man with a history of domestic violence, well, everyone in this woman’s life should have known he was a risk for violence because he had a history of violence.  So, again, everyone just either watched or just shrunk back and did nothing.

* Second, the common sense is basically to speak up when people do wrong.  If one is too worried about how speaking up will harm the commenter, well, then shut the fuck up WHEN you get harmed in future times.  Silence breeds acceptance and complicity, and neither is acceptable nor tolerable.  And this is common sense, unfortunately, we live in a culture that not only brutally killed and buried it in an unmarked grave, some blatantly laugh when they chose to ignore it further.  Now all we have is common senselessness.

*Last, as I can’t write too much now, is why are courts continuing to tolerate domestic violence, and why do people get involved with perpetrators of domestic violence?  One can argue that is not so easy nor definable to catch, but, do people who are guilty of domestic violence really act different if they do not spontaneously admit and accept the charge and consequences?  No, they don’t, they are the top 10% of antisocial scumbags who really deserve long prison sentences, if not killed in self defense by their victims.

One reads these stories and just wonders what the hell is wrong with America.  I’ll tell you more in a follow up post, that reinforces my hypothesis this really is a Personality Disordered Society, but for now here, just more examples of why it really is hard to trust and respect people in general.  And that is pathetic and sad to write as a psychiatrist.

People are more and more just f—-g lame, as they really have no ability to possess empathy, concern, and instinctual welfare for the community.  And I believe in karma, those who do nothing, well, they better be ready to endure getting nothing in return when they are on the receiving end of violence and lack of common sense.

I hope this incident on the plane ends United as an airline!  And if there really is a God, the judge who ruled in the past per prior charges on this piece of shit man who killed a child along with his soon to be ex wife is exposed for doing little to stop said piece of shit human.

Yeah, let’s see judges sued for not doing their jobs.  Won’t that change the system, because, hey, people will start demanding common sense and basic rules!!!

For some, a little too late, eh?!?!