They say politics is personal and close to home, well, this schmuck has made it personal and close to home, my county.  So, I just tweeted him and his jerks my well wishes that illegal immigration affects him, his family, and his supporters as negatively as possible, and may karma rule.

Yeah, sorry, those who are grounded and realistic about what is the truth about illegal immigration really hope the clueless and complicit politicians and celebrities get royally fucked by some illegal alien.  Watch their support and diehard fanaticism evaporate quicker than a raindrop on hot concrete as the sun comes out!

And I want it, I don’t care how cruel, rude, or insensitive it sounds.  Only when people are affected by their own dumbass and partisan agendas personally do they have their moment of brutal realization.  And if for some pathetic reason they still don’t get it after being harmed and disrupted, well, then let nature finish the job for us.

Wow, politicians who brazenly care more for those who are not legal citizens than those who are, and think they will stay in office to fuck us further?!

One day soon, TV, media, or the internet will appease me, I hope!  I look forward to the tears, anguish, and genuine pain from these pricks.  Again, Karma, bring it on for these losers, and may the coverage make it even more intense!

Sorry readers, I hate these illegal immigrant loving losers!