I am sure there will be some reader who comes along and just freaks out after reading that title, but, the point of this post is not to pick a side to the abortion debate.  Frankly, I have two fairly inflexible points to abortion in general:

* First, the abortion debate should be argued almost solely by women, as men don’t have the ability to carry a child and in the end women do most of the work in raising a child.  Yes, that is first of two black and white points to this pervasively grey debate.

* Second, abortion is a choice, but, one that should be weighed for some duration of time, as abortion is NOT a form of birth control, ever, point two that is black and white.

So, where am I going with the title anyway?  Well, while the grey to the debate is when does a fetus become a viable human being, there is a point where performing an abortion could be argued in a court of law as an act of murder.  So, what type of person willingly takes the life of another without the victim being a direct threat to others?

Again, not a black and white determination, but, as one of the most glaring examples of incredible inappropriateness to abortion, I ask people to look at the Gosnell conviction after his arrest in 2011.  Here is one take to the story:


I think, no, I know this man was an antisocial, because of the way he cared, or, rather minimally cared for women as patients overall.  But, the bigger picture is how does abortion get used by a country once the citizens as a majority accept the practice.  It invariably becomes defacto ways of population control, tries to control gender percentages and even other genetic factors, and worst of all, promotes that pregnancy is a convenience.  See China as example 1 to this?

So, to not berate this topic further, just ask oneself this about those who are the most outspoken and inflexible about the access to abortion:  do they promote lies and minimize consequences from the procedure, show little if any remorse for those who had abortions and then had post procedure regrets, reinforce there are no real consequences for those providers who cause harm to people who had inadequate if not malpractice procedures that had harmful sequelae from the procedure, and finally, mock and demean the effort to discuss boundaries and concerns for abortion on demand irregardless of what length of the pregnancy the procedure is being performed?

Hmm, if one answers yes to any if not all to these suppositions about abortion supporters, and you agree with my basic definition to what is the antisocial, well, aren’t ardent abortion right advocates acting like antisocials?

And who do almost all of these zealot abortion advocates associate with?

Yeah, Demon-craps, Louts, Regressives, and Libelous.

Think about it, but, in a grey way?

Image result for image of protesters facing each other over abortion

I had to look at a lot of pictures, but, this one sums up the point, isn’t it incongruent for a a person to weigh abortion on demand never deserves an apology? (yeah, I see it, the signs do NOT say “never”, but isn’t that inferred?)

Isn’t that the attitude of an antisocial in this regard?