Bernie Sander has to be one of the most annoying people to ever be a United States Senator.  He really thinks his pathetic run for President last year has elevated him to be spokesman for earth, much less this country.  Read this ignoramus comment today:

Everything to this loser is not only a right, but a need and an expectation.  Sorry, I will be the only one with the gall to say it:  Bernie Sanders, would you shut the f— up, retire, and become irrelevant, PLEASE!?!?

But, once again, Vermont is another example of conshituency, er, constituency that is at least clueless if not hideously complicit as long as this loser prowls the halls of the Senate.  And you know why he is an “Independent”?  Because if he demanded to be part of the Demon-craps outright, they would eventually ostracize him publicly.

Really, this guy is the textbook schmuck of schmucks…

It’s getting to the point if I want to live in a state that has ocean front property I will definitely have to go South of Virginia at least, maybe even consider the Gulf of Mexico for salt water access…

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addendum 10 minutes later:

“Here’s the thing about Sanders-ism: it’s seductive because it labels things unfair that people don’t like, then suggests no solutions to them. That’s childish, but it’s effective. Broadband internet may not be a right, but we like broadband internet, so now we’ll call it a right. It’s convenient politics. It’s also the road to government-created tyranny.”

Why you don’t have people over 70 years old in government positions, they are clueless, inflexible, and out of touch with reality, at least until proven otherwise.  And yeah, that goes for Trump too, as well as what seems to be about half the people who represent the Demon-craps in Congress.

Millennials are the generation of the future, and they want the party of the past to represent them?  That isn’t just insanity, that is Einstein quote to the core, keep doing the same shit over and over and expecting different results.

But, what is the average IQ of Millennials these days?…