What is going on at “Institutions of higher learning”, God, the irony of that term, people who need to be institutionalized, for just being high and not learning anything of healthy substance, but just preaching antisocial dogma:

Endless repeating of lies,

no remorse if not flagrant advocating for violence against dissent,

being harmful to others, and relishing the moment,

and ongoing mockery of healthy boundaries and basic foundations to appropriate expectations and beliefs that this country and culture expect.

All of these are the basic premises to antisocial traits.  And thus, we have a generation of S.H.I.T.T.s coming out of colleges the past few years and these next 10 years if this garbage being sold by professors, administrators, and the student leaders of this hostility and ugly narrative is not quickly rendered marginalized and ostracized!

Oh, if you missed it in prior comment at another post, S.H.I.T.T. stands for

Self Absorbed, Hypocritical, Insolent, Thugs/Twits.

Image result for image of students rioting in classroom

aren’t these just college students in waiting?…