So, as I type this post, the Repugnocants, and boy, that is such an accurate, analogous term for Republicans, they are repugnant and can’t do their jobs with any level of respectable responsibility, have taken on Obamacare in their own dumbass way.

And no, the Senate will not save the House Repugnocants, because this is about party, not the public.  These are over 300 idiots in the halls of Congress who are only focused about keeping their jobs, not doing them.  Well, really all 545 because the Demon-craps are no better, as they show us day in and out as well.

Because if the Repugnocants were DOING their jobs, they would not be doing fairly much what the shit hole aisle opposites, the Demon-craps, did 7 plus years ago:  passing a law they did not read, did not care would fuck up the ability of providers to serve the public appropriately, tried to be exempt from having to participate in the very law they wrote, and most importantly, screwing up both equally not affording nor effectively accessing health care as patients, which is the truth by the way.  Again, the messengers saying otherwise are affiliated and dedicated to a partisan agenda, not a public one, but, one has to ask the important and clarifying questions to find out those pesky truths.

And what are those pesky truths?  Well, to most likely piss off many readers, let’s have the most brutal moment of candor to understand why either Obamacare or Trumpcare, as it will be hereafter, is a monumental failure:

*people die, doctors can’t change that rule, and people can’t handle death overall.

*health care is not an infinite resource, and thus someone will be denied access, not to care in general, but to certain care interventions.

*choice should be a right, but it is not without costs, both financial and other elements that amount to a “cost”, and thus is not without having to weigh all the pros and cons to said choice before making it.

*finally, as I have limited time for this post right now, people who make rules and limits for the majority of others that are ruled and the writers of said laws and boundaries don’t participate in these rules/limits, well, says how wonderful those laws/boundaries are, eh?!  Again, deeds not words are what define us…

So, soak up those points, and then wonder why irregardless of who is in charge in Washington D.C., they fuck us over and over and then act indignant, entitled, and self righteous.  And, hypocritical and insolent too, as well as reveal themselves to be the thugs and twits they truly are.  S.H.I.T.T.s, remember from prior posts.

OH, to tie in the latter part of the title, it isn’t just the physically diseased of the electorate, but the socially and accountable lapses in judgment by the masses of said electorate that gives us these cretins as rulers.  Yeah, here it comes yet again, it isn’t the politicians who suck, but, the public.

Enjoying that metastatic diseased hope there, folks???

You will for the next 4-6 years until the next bunch of idiots change the rules yet again, but, are they really different at the end of the day…

Addendum May 5th 12Noon:

Ben Shapiro says it better:

“There is no right to health care. You do not have the right to put a gun to my wife’s head (she’s a family physician) and demand care, or demand that the government do so. Rights pre-exist government, and government is maintained in order to preserve those rights. That is what the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence proclaimed. There is a right to access to health care, but once you declare a right to health care, only compulsion can achieve the realization of such a right. Passing the AHCA may move the health insurance industry in the right direction. But by proclaiming it a “repeal and replace,” as Trump and the Republicans have done, they’ve endorsed government-guaranteed health care, and then wrongly slapped the “free market” label on it. That’s a disaster in the making. The shortcomings of the AHCA will now be blamed on the free market rather than on the government. At least when Obamacare failed, people knew to blame big government; if the AHCA fails, people will blame deregulation. That will be Republicans’ fault.”

Yeah, good luck with doctors who agree to be slaves in the next 5 years or so!