Please read this column by David Limbaugh at today, and note he says it exactly as I have:  self absorbed, hypocritical, insolent (he uses that word at the end of the column), and the thugs/twits that are the Democrats.

“Let them [Democrats/Liberals] keep it up. Let them keep rioting, destroying property and hurting people in the name of love and harmony. Let them continue to suppress speech in the name of democracy. Let them demean and curse President Trump in the name of civility.”

But, where do the alleged majority of responsible, appropriate, limit setting citizens proceed from here after this garbage going on since November 9 2016?  What, are all these people who know better going to wait for someone else to step in, to save the day, to miraculously restore common sense, insight, and better judgment??

Well, after 6 months of Louts/Regressives/Libelous continuing to escalate and just replicate the most disgusting, immature, and insulting behaviors, much less the flagrant violence by actions if not hideous language on a daily basis, when do people say “enough!”  I think that time has certainly passed.  So, are we really going to have heroes come in and save us?  No.

Oh, and just to remind readers I have no partisan agenda, what the hell are Republicans thinking, when they just duplicate Democrat garbage?  What the hell is going on with political representation these days, do they even understand the premise of Einstein’s quote about what really is insanity??  Or maybe these really are our role models…

I leave you with this equally heinous excuse of a column by an alleged mental health care provider who is right in noting Trump is a pathological Narcissist, but, why stop there?  Where is the criticism of the antisocials leading the party of Democrats, the Clintons and Obama?

And by the way, where is both the American Psychiatric Society and the American Psychological Society in disciplining this bullshit of overt malfeasance by these providers, making diagnostic statements without providing direct assessment interactions with their accused in the major media, which is clearly a violation of professional decorum?!

Umm, you’re not reading my writings at major media sites, are you?!


Image result for image of characters of clinton and trump

this picture definitely works for me, Clinton really would be running around screaming “off with their heads”, while we are seeing the Mad Hatter front and center!