First read the link:

Then, digest what the Democrats are really doing to the electorate and how it meets at least my definition of what is antisocial behavior as a disorder:

*the Lie that it is affordable, really, $400 BILLION dollars a year, and what is this additional $200 Billion a year that claims there is already $200 billion in place for it to be implemented as a possibility.

*the Lack Of Remorse, that this will cripple people with tax burdens so heinous that the only people who will remain in California WON’T have the money to be taxed to begin with, so, where do these magic funds come from then?

*the forcing of disruption if not downright criminality to make this happen, someone will be cheated, coerced, and disrespected to see this craziness to fruition.  And finally,

*the mocking of boundaries and dismissal of the reality of limits that healthy, functional, and appropriate people try to abide by daily.

So, again, to those who live in California now, how the hell do you put up with this crap what appears to be a weekly shit sideshow?!

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thought the train analogy fits well here…