Kathy Griffin’s hideous story is just the latest of the hate mongering by the Louts, Regressives, and Libelous.  But, it reflects how these idiots really need to be marginalized, if not just brutally ostracized by anyone with half a brain of appropriate decorum and responsibility.  Really, holding up a fake severed head of the President, what moronic ideation was at hand with this plan to publicize such a sick message?

But, it comes back to my point about being in the midst of a Personality Disordered Society, this pervasive tolerance of promoting harm and hate of anyone who does not excessively genuflect to the Left, it has to end, NOW!

Sorry, I know one of the predictors of violence is the repetition of threats, and why that even has to be debated is just pathetic with colleagues who act like verbal behaviors are not worthy of action.

What is sad, and I don’t care who is outraged by this opinion, we have lost over 30% of society to entrenched disregard for the real needs and protections of boundaries.  Not all are from the Left, but, more than 50% are from that side of the polluted aisle of Republocrats, and that percentage will grow further as long as this hate and extremism goes unabated by the majority of Americans.

God, the hypocrisy of the Left is stifling…

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yeah, hideous, but, why different in the eyes of the Louts?…

addendum Wed 8PM:

Another example of the douchebags that are the Louts:


they go after children, think it is funny, and then act outraged when they are called on their despicable, deplorable behaviors.  Again, why the Left/Democrats are fucking ugly antisocial cretins who need to be so marginalized/ostracized, their gonads not only ache, but hopefully just wither and become sterile so they can’t have any more offspring, and just die off eventually, to become extinct.

Fuck these scumbags, I really won’t have any concern or sorrow should I read someone who makes the mistake of taking some of these bastards out.  Because bad things need to happen to bad people so some learn and back the hell off!!!

You think my criteria fit here?  Lies, lack of remorse, criminal or just reckless behaviors causing harm to innocents, and mocking appropriate boundaries.  Jennings, I hope your bullshit today makes you so irrelevant by the end of the year, when you die, people will say, “who the fuck was that guy?” when your pathetic obituary somehow makes some relevant press…


addendum June 3:

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One had to know this shithead was going to make it our fault she screwed up!

And as my colleague noted in comment here, another example of the Personality Disordered loser projecting her shit onto us.  Our rebuttal is a three step process:

Grab shield to deflect said waste products from striking true victim, then step back, and wait for attacker to step forward to try and assault further and walks into own shit pile and slips and falls into it…

Always a good laugh in the end!!!

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