Yes, this is a pathetic and rather hideous story, so, read it and then wonder what the hell is going on at institutions of misguided learning:–at-grade-school-talent-show-n2335437

At the risk of outraging some, I firmly believe that the majority of those with sexual identity disorders, even if just 50.01%, are dysfunctional, unhealthy people.  And those are the key terms there, what is healthy and functional in parading this behavior in front of prepubescent children?  That is where the LGBT lobby better get it’s act together if they really want to be taken seriously and be respected, or, enjoy the return of ugly and inappropriate discrimination.  But, to protect one’s children, I will say without hesitation, inherently necessary discrimination to avoid dysfunctional and unhealthy people!

And that is not discrimination at the end of the day.  It is marginalizing and ostracizing inappropriateness and disruptive agendas.

Let’s end with the crux of the article above, eh:

“This is about age-appropriate behavior – and what happened in that auditorium was not age appropriate.

“The superintendent was the emcee – and she has a responsibility to protect all children,” she said. “That wasn’t a child performing. It was an adult.”

Moving forward, I recommend the school district adopt a policy to govern future grade school talent shows:

If a drag queen wants to spread his legs and show off his G-string he should do that at a nightclub – not a public school talent show.”

Shame and humility, not traits found in Personality Disordered people…

Addendum Sat June 3:

Once again, on cue, someone writes a column that I read, at least, validating my points here:

Oh, just read this and ponder:

“Transgenderism, previously known as Gender Identity Disorder, was categorized as a mental illness by the World Health Organization until December 2016, but has now been reclassified as “Gender Incongruence”. So too for homosexuality, which was classified as a mental illness until 1992 by the World Health Organization, and has since been declassified as such. In both cases, there was immense political pressure for the reclassifications; the fact that psychiatrists who were previously under no political pressure had historically always considered transgenderism and homosexuality as mental disorders speaks volumes.”

Now I have had issues with psychiatry labeling homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder, but, it does need said, and here it is by the above author:

The Center for Disease Control reports an alarmingly high incidence of sexual violence within the homosexual and transgender community, especially by people’s own “partners”. This indicates a dangerous propensity on the part of many members of the “LGBT” crowd to commit sexual crimes. Read the statistics, and decide whether or not it is safe to allow transgender people the right to use restrooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities of their choosing. If anything, after studying this and other studies about intra-communal “LGBT” rape statistics, I submit that allowing these people into any mass-use locker rooms and changing facilities is a risky move, absent tight safeguards.”

[just bolded the first two sentences to make sure they stand out firmly!]

Sorry, I do believe that those with non heterosexual sexual interests are at a higher risk for mental disorder issues, I will not call it flagrant mental disorders outright, but, it is what it is in my travels.  But, before all the extremists go on their rants and make their over-generalizations as attacks, not all non heterosexual people are mentally impaired.  The extremist ones are though!

Life is about choice, and life is about respect of boundaries.  Both have advantages and disadvantages, which is the point of life.  Watch out for those who disregard either or both.  Shame Natural Selection can’t resume some substantial role in humanity, but, part of what the Personality Disordered has wrought on  the species, eh?  And think about that, really!!!