Forget bombings, shootings, stabbings, vehicular attacks.  We have ongoing, intensive, and quantifiable terrorism going on in this country today, and tomorrow and further if it is not addressed now.

Really, how much longer will folks in London tolerate this moron:

“Others are unimpressed with Khan’s urban hipsterly claim that terror attacks are the new normal, or, in his words “part and parcel” of living in the big city. He sounds like Bill de Blasio.

What it shows is that the urban elites are grotesquely out of touch with the lives of ordinary citizens. They dismiss terror deaths as ‘tragic’ suggesting the victims had some role in their own deaths as in the definition of tragedy.

They claim global warming is a bigger problem than the immediate and deadly threat of terrorism.  For them it’s easy to do that. Taking action on global warming makes them feel good, costs them nothing and only threatens the livelihoods of farmers and fishermen and miners, not their own. As for terrorism, that’s no problem for them, either – you’ll never find an elitist like Khan strolling on London Bridge on a Saturday night for terrorists to take down. With his bodyguards and the protective bubble he lives in, terrorism is for little people.”

Yes, the Democrats, Left, Progressives, and Liberals are active terrorists, they just aren’t actively killing people right now.  No, their narrative and rhetoric by the politicians, media, and other well publicized societal figures are just pervasive apologies and defenses for those who want to see certain Americans and others not beholden to the Left/liberal/Progressive causes dead, just not directly by the speakers’ hands.

These scumbags who minimize, deflect, and rationalize violent terrorism are just extensions of such terrorists, and so, will Americans who abhor such pathetic and ugly narratives and rhetoric going to realize, time to tell these scumbags to shut the f—up!?

‘Cause if people don’t wake up and realize the Left, Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats are just enabling and promoting more real violence, well, what will you do when the narrative and rhetoric emboldens a violent prick who affects your life?  And not just talking about Islamic extremism folks, no, there are other causes the Louts/Regressives/libelous support here in America that equally wants to see bodies on the streets.  Start with the Black Lies Matter crowd, who don’t want cities to have a police force?…

Stove is hot folks, stop debating whether to touch it.  Either turn the damn thing off or use it for some appropriate purpose, like, cooking some of these creeps up, not literally mind you, but get the pot hot and figuratively put it to some use?

Marginalize and ostracize, it does work, if you do it right!!!

Image result for image of ostracizing a person

Frame the picture this way, maybe the folks in blue are saying “why do we listen to that guy telling us we are Islamaphobes and racists, when we don’t tolerate violence and senseless slaughter”…

Pay attention, evil loves to have pretty faces be their spokespersons…