Watching all the bullshit from both the Left and Right who run this country, it really is important to pay attention to putting faith and support on assholes who are just inflexible, rigid douchbags.  Oh, don’t like the foul language with the start of this post?  Well, why are so many people tolerating the foul language by such prominent public figures in the first place.  If my Senator spoke like that bitch from New York this weekend, well, I would send an email that basically would say, “shut the fuck up and do your job in D.C. and stop thinking you are auditioning for Bill Maher!”

And that is what is so evident with these pricks and bitches running around telling us how to think, how to live, what to listen to, what to buy, and what to expect.  They redefine hypocrisy.  They act like God forbid they have to practice what they preach.  Oh, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about the common folk who live here, no, they seem to care more for those who don’t these days, moreso the Louts, but, the Right-Ass, er, righteous, they really don’t have much of a clue as well.

So, my point here is just this:  pay attention to how people carry themselves, and when they polarize issues, when they make gray matter stark black and white, when they just dismiss any discussion that does not exactly fit their narratives, well, it’s time to leave the room.  Again, we need to marginalize and ostracize these fuckers.

Gee, the way I wrote this post, maybe I should run for public office…