First the Link:

“But what to make of the rest of these Americans who seem unburdened by such concerns? Or this president, who still can do much harm? More than two dozen top psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental-health experts hope to provide some answers with a book due out this fall — “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

They don’t diagnose Trump, which ethically they can’t do without examining the patient. They do, however, discuss his symptoms, which lead them to conclude that Trump is a “complex, if dangerously mad, man.” They also propose that his mental illness is affecting the nation’s mental health as well.”

Where were these F—–s when Obama was President?  Oh yeah, if not keeping their lips fixed to his ass, then maybe to his genitals?

Yes, rude and inappropriate, but, why I rail about the Personality Disordered Society, and how the apologists and defenders aren’t any better than the person or narrative they pathetically support.  We had an elections 8 months ago to chose between the lesser of evils, so, where were these “colleagues” when that was apparent??

But, will she write about what is likely a Left/Democrat supporter who tried to gun down Republicans at a baseball stadium earlier today and how the Left are more fucking crazy and antisocial than even the most hard core schmucks from the Republican/Right side of this polluted aisle that rules us?!

No, she will have her lips pressed to her leaders’ pelvic regions, count on it!

Again, Bill Clinton started this downfall, as what is sex, hell, what is “is”?!?!

Image result for image of caricature of CLinton being given oral sex