First of all, don’t be stupid, the Democrats would be merciless if one of their own was gunned down by an overt Republican supporter.  Umm, look at what they did when Gabby Giffords was shot, and by the way not by any Republican or Right wing nut job, but, those first couple of days, what the f— were liberals and Democrats screaming about?!  So, this is what antisocials do folks, they vilify at the drop of a hat, because, they are villains and love to project and deflect.  It is the nature of the beast that populates that party.  And now we see what they spawn.

So, f— the Democrats and their ilk.  They have been spewing such hate and endless calls for violence, even though they try to downplay it when it becomes so over the top.  Did I miss the Republican supporters carrying around Obama’s head, or having plays in New York City having a Black Man be a Caesar-like character who gets stabbed to death?

No, and now the fall out should, and to me MUST play out.  Because only when they are overtly tied in to this scumbag’s relationship to their narratives and agendas, will they be so shamed and humiliated.  Or, is that possible with antisocials??

Nah, folks, the Democrats are the poster children of hypocrisy, wanting civility and “bipartisanship” to rule the day.  Until their next cause comes to fruition.  Who knows, who will be the faux martyr to take the hit so they can then rail about how, once again, the Republicans and the horrid Right did something heinous in retaliation.

But, will that be true if someone attempts to kill Democrats?  So many of these alleged “attacks” on the Left/Liberal/Progressive folk turn out to be hoaxes, so, how would we know such a possible incident is real?

And I am NOT calling for retaliation or innocent people be killed.  Nope, I don’t subscribe to the Democrat playbook.  But, I do know this, if the Democrats are given a pass on this incident without some accountability for the narrative they have relentlessly been driving since the election last November, well, then this country as a whole really is fucked in the head.

Cue the picture that reinforces that ending to the last sentence, National Lampoon Vacation fans should recall the scene after Aunt Edna is dropped off:

hmm, and once again the mensch is screwed…

Addendum June 15 8:30PM:

What a nice exclamation point to this post:

I despise looking at Nancy Pelosi’s face, it is the mother of Satan.

” If you’re fixating on Trump while a member of Trump’s party is fighting for his life because a left-wing assailant’s bullet pierced his internal organs, you’re doing it wrong.  Badly, badly wrong.  If the Right is always going to be widely and loudly blamed for violence against liberals — even if they’re not remotely responsible — and also partially blamed for left-wing violence against their own, is it any wonder that many conservatives turned to a figure like Trump?  If the media stacks the deck in such an enragingly unfair way, the incentive to act in good faith dissipates.  That’s that’s truly tragic for the country.”

The Louts/Regressives/Libelous, they are the biggest f—-g septic tank of disingenuous, dishonest, disdainful fecal mass on this planet.  It really makes a person have to wonder when someone will pathetically, hideously respond in equal fashion and take out a Democrat politician next.  And I for one will not shed one drop of sadness.  Welcome to the second Civil War, and the Democrats, well, they haven’t changed a bit since they brought on the first one over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Personality Disordered Society, both sides of the polluted aisle of Republocrats contribute, but, in the end, the Left and their ilk truly rule in number…

Which is why I wrote this post in the first place last night, why do they get a pass?!