Just to let anyone interested to know, if you or someone you know has a chronic mental illness in Maryland, and should need to be hospitalized for a significant duration of time, most likely needing to be in a state hospital, prepare for this recommendation:  the patient will need to commit some type of crime and have to go through the court system to be able to stay and get some level of care.

This is the bullshit that has devolved per some stupid ass garbage lawsuit filed in the State a year or more ago that has led to legitimate, appropriate patients being prematurely forced out of State hospitals so the criminals, er, alleged patients in correctional facilities, can get in and basically take over the f—-g hospital.  This is no exaggeration, as I have been working in State hospitals the past year, and these Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings have become nothing more than a joke.

If you are genuinely mentally ill, you are living on borrowed time for care, unless you have committed a crime and either pleading Not Criminally Responsible (NCR), or are sent for evaluation because you are Incompetent to Stand Trial (IST), or some other judicial determination, so the ALJ can’t find some creative, moreso lame and disruptive, way to send the patient out, almost always prematurely.  Oh, and these Public Defenders allegedly there to represent patients, well, good luck with that perspective.  At the current hospital I am at, the Public Defenders are just lackeys for the State to enforce patients get the F— out.

Oh, and as notice to my colleagues who work in Maryland, especially in hospitals, yesterday’s ALJ hearing had a judge set a new precedence for Voluntary patients, hospitals cannot demand or expect to get a request for discharge in writing.  Nope, this fucking judge ruled that just asking orally is enough to force an action to either allow discharge or certify the patient.  And all the administrative staff did was just sit there and say nothing to this pathetic, incompetent ruling.

Gee, and what do you think will happen across the state once this gets out?  Care will become more adversarial than it already is, and voluntary admits will plummet to near zero so hospitals can protect themselves from suits claiming neglect and malpractice after ALJs prematurely force discharges that lead to negative outcomes back in the communities.

So, good luck getting care in Maryland hospitals, especially State run ones.  Me, I am done in three weeks, and will never entertain working at one ever again.  People joke about the inmates running the asylums, well, it really is an accurate statement now, just ask Springfield Hospital staff, and now Thomas B Finan Center as well.

Wow, to watch my patient be forced off hospital grounds by security because the patient did not want the quickly arranged disposition to a crisis bed, because I could not testify the patient was asking out to go to a delusional placement that did not exist.

Simply because the Public Defender hack job used a defense I did not accept a request to leave orally alone, but documented the patient could put in 72 hour notice in writing, and the patient had that skill but chose never to write it the 8 weeks there.

You think I am pissed?  How many words does this picture say it!?:

Image result for image of angry man

And that’s a nice one, had plenty better that were really ugly…

Oh, and this is most likely my last post for a while, I am so burnt out with the societal bullshit alone, I have nothing more to say than what I have posted this past year that reflects Personality Disordered ugliness beyond run amok…

Have a nice summer…