once again a link that says it best, first how it ends:

“There are still a lot of good people in this country, but as a nation, we’ve become complacent, decadent and jaded. We’re the trust fund kid living off the money great, great-grandad left us while the family business we don’t understand fails. What we have in America? It’s rare. Historically, there are not a lot of extremely prosperous, free nations that don’t have to fear invasion because of that powerful military. That means we are squandering an inheritance left to us by previous generations of Americans that we may never have again once it’s lost. We foolishly assume it will be this good forever even though we laugh at and impugn many of the ideas, attitudes and principles that were responsible for our success in the first place. America is not on track for a happy ending and as much as I hate to say it, we’re going to richly deserve the pain, misery and disaster our own actions are going to bring down on our heads one day.”



It is what it is, when good men lie silent, well, you know what is coming.

The public sucks, and what you can do with hope, cue Carlin…

How’s the summer going?

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