The message from the Charlie Gard fiasco is simple, and can be summed up in three outcomes, in no specific order WHEN our country finally succumbs to a single payor health care model:

First, morbidity and mortality will rise further, as yes it has already risen from Obamination Care to begin with, but, even more people will suffer and die.

Second, physicians in large numbers will either sizeably cut back their practices, or even worse, just plain retire.  Oh, and this concierge bullshit doctors have been trying for the past decade or so, that won’t work in the end, so, physicians will just back off and close up shop.

Third and last, patients will become even more demanding and inappropriate once they realize how much cost containment will hamper access and options.  So, even if people don’t have more morbidity and mortality outcomes, bitches and bastards will multiple in number, count on it.

Oh, and if citizens think that health care innovation will continue to proceed and make inroads to care, well, just hope you don’t have a child that had Charlie Gard’s disease, that might have had a chance to be treated.  Nope, your kid is dead upon diagnosis, so think how your government cares about you and your family.

Thus, the message to our politicians who already don’t give a shit about their constituents in the first place, well, my message to all of them, irregardless of party affiliation is simple, just fuck you all and die!

Because the Democraps want this outcome, and the Repugnocants, well, they think that doing nothing will allow them to keep their jobs.  So, the universal Fuck you all and just die is appropriate and deserving…

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Have a nice rest of the summer…

Oh, and I added this, Seagal is the doctor and the guys are insurance CEO’s…

the crucial line is at the end, about 1:07…

Addendum July 25th:  per the Charlie Gard issue, I think this link sums up nicely what the hell is going on in Lousy Ol’ England:

Oh, and it also reinforces my point above, who the hell is going to want to try and practice appropriate, responsible medicine when this shit goes down in bureaucratic courts in America like the scum in Britain are doing now:

“The most surprising development after court adjourned involved mounting attacks on Michio Hirano, M.D., the internationally recognized neurological medicine research and treatment expert from Columbia University. These criticisms suddenly appeared out of nowhere and in an apparently well-coordinated front. Within hours of the court hearing ending, London newspapers were blaring headlines like The Sun’s “CHARLIE BACKLASH Great Ormond Street Hospital slams Charlie Gard’s US doctor, Michio Hirano, claiming he had ‘financial interest’ in the experimental drug.” Almost all of the reader comments that were published attacked Dr. Hirano, with many readers vilifying him as a “quack.”

After following this case as closely as one could from outside of the UK, it is my conclusion that it ultimately represents an iconic battle – pitting the best, most traditional, and strongest element of humanity – a mother’s and a father’s love for their child buttressed by their traditional family values – against the power of the secular-socialist state as represented by the medical industrial complex. The latter is clearly more powerful and domineering in the UK than in the US because of its 69 year-long experiment with single-payer socialized medicine (although that situation is changing fast).”

Also, pay attention to this from a different link:

“Kennedy then doubles-down on his big government take: “Second, when a claim is made that parents have rights over their children, it is important to step back and examine the language used. We need to remind ourselves that parents do not have rights regarding their children, they only have duties, the principal duty being to act in their children’s best interests. This has been part of the fabric of our law and our society for a long time. Third, if we are concerned with the language of rights, it is, of course, children who have rights; any rights that parents have exist only to protect their children’s rights.”

Again, are Connie and Chris not fighting to protect their child’s most basic right, his right to life? When is it the government’s role to force parents to euthanize their child; in this case, a child who had a one-in-ten shot at potential life-saving treatment?”

from this link:

Who the fuck are these people who have completely trashed the foundations of societies like America and England, who spout this hideous shit and claim it is pure fact?!  Why these assholes really need to be squashed, or, watch more people be basically murdered!  But, keep the faith in your erected, er, elected officials…

God, this story just gets more ugly and disgusting each day!

one further addendum same day 7/25:

This is why I know we are among a shitload of evil, folks:  the pervasive lies, the lack of real genuine remorse, allowing bad things to happen to people, and to mock and disdain healthy acceptable boundaries and laws, that is what composes evil for me, and how it played out in this Charlie Gard case.

in there this:  “The courts and hospital staff doubtlessly knew there was only a small window of opportunity for Charlie to seek the medical treatment he needed to save his life. All they had to do was wait for Charlie’s condition to worsen past the point of absolute no return and they would get their way. So they did. “There is one simple reason for Charlie’s muscles deteriorating to the extent they are in now – time. A whole lot of wasted time,” Charlie’s mother said in a statement. “Our poor boy has been left there to lie in a hospital without treatment while court battles are fought.”

He was, and so he will die. And it is a most curious indicator of twenty-first-century Western political mores that the entire civilized world is not up in arms—figuratively if not literally—over the British government’s effective war of attrition against a terminally ill baby boy.

If we were to hear of some barbarous backwater dictatorship that prevented a couple of desperate parents from seeking medical treatment abroad for their precious child, we would shake our heads and marvel such savage cruelty. When such nauseating policy is argued by barristers and educated medical professionals, however, we are likely to forget about it within a couple of weeks.”

Read that over again.  “All they had to do was wait for Charlie’s condition to worsen past the point of absolute no return and they would get their way. So they did.”  That is fucking evil, people!  But, you figure it out with your definitions…

leave you with this from the same last link here:

“England is governed by human beings, of course, not robots, yet it is curious how coldly, mercilessly robotic the mechanistic undertakings of big government end up being. A compassionate system, in Gard’s case, would have offered the parents all the information and the caveats it possibly could, then allowed them to make their own choices concerning their precious baby’s life. Big government cannot abide by such nuance, however. It seeks control above everything else, even if not especially in the most difficult and fraught of situations.”

Single Payor health care, and by the way, not a typo on my part, the “or” and not “er” is my play on words of “Pay or …”, you fill in the end of the line, me it’s “Pay or die”.