But, a cesspool, and not just for Washington D.C., but the whole country.

Again, as long as the majority of the electorate keeps these losers in office, and then continues to do other stupid things, well, are we surprised with the resentment, er, representation we have throughout this society?

I leave you with this link, how opiates play a role in unemployment:


“Don’t blame the doctors who have been prescribing opioids carefully for decades, successfully managing moderate-to-severe chronic pain, especially among older adults, according to the American Public Health Association (APHA). For one thing, the vast majority of patients who become opioid addicts used illicit drugs before they became opioid users, so their addiction cannot be blamed solely on prescribed opioids. As the AEI’s Sally Satel points out in National Affairs, “Non-patients procure their pills from friends or family, often helping themselves to the amply stocked medicine chests of unsuspecting relatives suffering from cancer or chronic pain.” No Rx required.”

The never ending search for alleged legitimizing addiction never ceases to amaze and disgust me, back in outpatient care work now for just one week, and already the bullshit is in place.

The election last November was not about electing a President, but figuring out what level of evil to tolerate.  And now you have Narcissism front and center, but, you folks have no idea how fucked up things would be if Hillary and Bill were running the show.  Believe me, it would be astounding, and not that they were fucking things up, but how many losers would be defending and apologizing for them.

Why this whole country is a cesspool…

Adult swim anyone?

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Again, how’s your summer going?…