It’s just incredible what one reads/hears daily, be it on the Net, papers, watching the tube or phone, it’s amazing what is going on among us.  Lies, lack of remorse, endless placing people at risk, and just mocking appropriate and reasonable boundaries, everyone seems to be doing this without any hesitation or disregard.  It is what evil is, for me at least.

By the way, who the hell came up with this ludicrous idea that psychiatry should be the main discipline to manage addiction/dependency issues?  Sorry, most addicts do NOT have a mental illness, but, plenty of people who tolerate, defend, and apologize for addiction issues, well, they’re just fucked up co-dependents, enablers, and cohorts for these loser addicts.  Again, sorry, there is no way to paint addiction in a polite and hopeful way, and those who do it, well, pay attention to these folks who tell us addiction is “a disease!”, and how we have to be so compassionate and bail addicts out over and over and over and over…

Thank god it is August, and summer is now halfway over, it has not been a blessing for me overall, while I did have a nice time off at the Outer Banks in N.C., well, not making up for the crap I endured doing inpatient work, and now back to the outpatient grind.

Oh, by the way, while Appalachia bailed out Trump, one has to wonder how many addicts and just incredibly crushed socioeconomic folks in this region really had no where else to turn, as they at least saw the Demon-craps didn’t give one shit for them.

Gotta love these colleagues who are retiring after basically throwing in the towel and giving patients what they want the last few years working at places and then telling their replacements how things will be easy to adjust and manage.  BULLSHIT!  These older psychiatrists, there should be a grandfather clause to come after them by the states who have not picked up on these ridiculous prescribing habits people like me have to deal with, people over 55 on stimulants and benzos, people on 6 or more psychotropics, and my favorite of late, multiple antipsychotics at the same time.

Maybe evil is an excessive term for this, but, it ain’t healthy and appropriate either.  Lame certainly fits, and malfeasance, well, seems to apply as well.

Hope your summer is cruisin’ along…

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