Nope, not talking about race, religion, gender, even politics on a whole.

Talking about segregating good from evil, and I don’t joke about this at all, as an example, check out this movie about 20 years ago with Ray Liotta, “No Escape”, and the subplot there was about a group of prisoners who wanted to embrace recovery, from being evil.  Here’s the Wikipedia explanation:

Here’s the trailer:

See about 1:25 into the trailer…

Because, hey, the movie takes place in 2022, that’s only 5 years from now.  So, if my hypothesis has any traction, and I am right that a Personality Disordered Society is only growing, metastasizing very hideously, we need a place where those who do care, are concerned, have compassion and remorse, and believe in the needs of the many who practice equally invested qualities can reside and be safe, and build a community based on real foundations of morals, ethics, and basic common sense.

You really want to stick with a system of Pelosis, McConnells, McCains, Warrens, Sanders, Ryans, and all the other dreck we call “representatives” who certainly don’t represent American interests and morals?  Good luck with that community.

Hmm, and recently one of the drecks talks about principles and not ideology?

(lots of sites to use, went with this one)

Where the fuck has that idiot been the last 20 years?!  Where the rest of the House and Senate of the US Congress have been, swimming in their shit of a septic tank that is Washington DC.  Let’s leave with another fun scene from Idiocracy, shall we?

Wow, does seem to sound like usual banter in Congressional sessions, eh?!?!