All this bullshit out there how society needs to go not only the extra mile, but thousands of miles to save each and every opiate addict who might OD.  Nah, don’t buy it, don’t sell it, and don’t agree with it.

Let’s start with the story that should not only make every damn doctor in America shudder, but, every provider in health care shudder as well:

This is scary shit folks.  It has been over two weeks since Dr. Graham was ruthlessly murdered in a parking lot for not writing an opiate prescription, we have to glean it was because this f— job bastard wanted drugs and just freaked out he could not use his wife as a carrier mule for him.  Well, maybe I am wrong in this conclusion, but, why hasn’t the police found some motive after TWO GODDAMN WEEKS!?!

Anyway, I am very unhappy with the state of affairs in mental health clinics, having to come behind these retiring jerks, not at the job I am at currently mind you, but those other past jobs who just give in and write whatever prescriptions the addicts demand because these old jerks want to leave on a positive, supportive note with their staff and patients.  SCREW THEM!

And when I write SCREW THEM, I mean everyone who is colluding with this madness.  Stimulants and benzos simultaneously, stimulants for patients over 50 years old who are NOT working or having daily structure of some productivity to their lives, for known addicts on opiates who are just trying to drug every aspect of their lives, Benzos for people on Methadone, and multiple benzo prescriptions simultaneously for no sound reason, and most pathetically of late to these disgusting, more obnoxious and threatening women over 40 years old demanding controlled substances who are putting young adult men to shame in these bitches’ hostility and genuine threats to providers.

Furthermore, to these “therapists” who try to tell me that patients need controlled substances.  To administrators who don’t want negative reviews of their clinics.  To family members and other supports who just want the patient satisfied so the patient won’t come home and terrorize those in the house.  SCREW.  THEM.  ALL!!!

So, I don’t care in general, which does not mean everyone for those who want to try to twist my post as an indictment for all who use opiates, but, I don’t care if opiate addicts who have no clue that these drugs can kill them end up dying.  Really, maybe read the following post that gives some stats to what is out there:

Here’s my favorite in the link:

“5. Prescription opioid overdose deaths have increased at a much faster rate for women than men. “Women are more likely to have chronic pain, be prescribed prescription pain relievers, be given higher doses, and use them for longer time periods than men,” reports the American Society for Addiction Medicine. “Prescription pain reliever overdose deaths among women increased more than 400% from 1999 to 2010, compared to 237% among men.”

I’ve met these scumbag women, and they are frightening because people really underestimate how nasty and rude these bitches can be.  And feminism has really enabled and supported this bullshit mentality.  Yeah, women over 40 can be as nasty and demanding as a 20 year old male asshole who used to be the prime suspect at clinics to watch.

So, getting back to Dr Graham, why don’t we know what happened as of now?

My theory?  The f—–g politically correct assholes who run maim-scream media don’t want the truth out there.  Because the truth really would spur honest, sincere, and caring Americans to come to the forefront and say in so many words, “what the f— are you politician shitbags who have pharmcy dicks in their mouths all day long doing about this problem!?”

Trump making it a National Emergency is just swamp behavior, to me.

Why not start jailing these dealer bastards and putting a neon sign above their cells saying “I sold shit that killed your kids”, and let the correctional population consider some retroactive abortion techniques?

Yeah, this is a harsh and rude post, as I am sick of the shit we are being sold day in and out by people who just want the status woe.  Because the elites think they are going to kill off the Trump deploreables.

Yeah, they think so?!  Maybe this from the above link might make the idiot elites think a bit more:  “4. Young adults, specifically those ages 18-25, are the biggest abusers of prescription opioid drugs. Young adults also misuse disproportionately ADHD and anti-anxiety medications. “They do it for all kinds of reasons, including to get high or because they think Rx stimulants will help them study better,” states the National Institute of Drug Abuse.”

Yeah, all those young adults live just in Appalachia.  Idiots, elites are as pathetically stupid and clueless as the entrenched poor.  Sad, isn’t it, ignorance and denial doesn’t discriminate per class, color, or political denomination, eh!?

I look forward to reading of politicians who don’t do shit about the real effective interventions having their family members dying of opiate abuse.  And that is sad to write, but, reality is a bitch, eh?  Maybe that will spur real action?  I doubt it.  The Narcissism and Antisocial shit that is Washington representation doesn’t care at the end of the day, even about their true nuclear family own.

Yeah, sad to write, sad to read, and sad to fathom.

Three more weeks til society summer ends, Labor Day, bring it on!

Image result for image of Dr Todd Graham from Indiana

That’s Dr Graham, who did right and died for it!

Again, SCREW THEM ALL who want opiate addicts to have special considerations!!!…