two wrongs do not make a right.  But, that is the mentality of the Personality Disordered, especially the cluster B losers.

OK, let’s review, discrimination does not lessen if the victims then become the perpetrators, and the next asshole who tells me that blacks, women, and the poor can’t be racist or discriminate, please sit on that broomstick until one chokes on it, please.

Screaming how whites have been horrendous people, in a country where the majority of the population is white, one has to wonder if that is a covert death wish, hence why the losers who marched in Charlottesville VA yesterday not only did so, but got what they wanted.  Media attention, and a violent response from the same type of losers that White Supremacists and Neo Nazis are, extremist thugs who just want to spew hate.  So, maybe a possible dynamic to this group of losers who think they speak for the white population are noting, “we are tired of being told we don’t count, we are not wanted, and we deserve to be hurt and shunned, just because of our skin color”.

That has and continues to be the message of the Left/Liberals/Progressives the past 8 years, and the consequences are now coming home to painfully, and inappropriately, roost for those who think they can demean the majority of Americans.

2 wrongs do not add up to a concluding right, and thus why more pain and mayhem are winning.  And the antisocial just smiles…

A fairly simple rule, I hope people will at least consider:  trying to one up antisocials by playing in their ballpark, well, you better have as big a bat, or more likely a knife or a gun, because the people who host that hostile park are not going to be one-upped.

And, the harassed extremist Christian white males have seen the game and have decided to try it:  Muslims are using vehicles as weapons, so, welcome to the club, idiots who want to antagonize extremists white assholes.  Frankly, another truism, if you come to a proverbial knife fight, expect to be cut.  So, the morons who came to counterprotest these losers from the hate club of extremist white supremacy, did they really think they would win without consequence?  I know in my heart, these idiot moron counterprotestors, really did think they would win.

They have the equally loser media behind them, but, even the media will bail once the story gets old, for now at least.  So what will be the leads these next few days, I already see it coming.  “Hate won’t win”, “Time for the country to reassess needs”, or maybe, “Who will step up and lead us to better choices and outcomes?”.

But, not one of those above will be the story from the Lame-Scream media, no, it’s about how Trump did not single out one side in his statement yesterday.  No, it’s about how this 0.1% of losers who initially protested represent the entire white population of America.  No, it’s about how the Right is the cause to all this violence and mayhem.  Why I don’t read or watch Lame-Scream media anymore.

So, what is the conclusion for those at a distance?  Everyone at the scene were, and still are losers.  And this will piss people off, but it is my scenario I wanted, every extremist from both sides bashing each other to death until, hopefully, no one is left standing.  I am not going to any damn political protest, I value my life!

Because extremists who spew hate, division, and sheer ostracizing anyone who dares to not completely genuflect to the extremist agenda and narrative, they are the ones who rule, until further notice.  And the memo reads simply “violence can and always will win!”  Remember my definition of evil, even if you don’t agree once you read it:  Lies, lack of remorse, allowing harm and pain to others without hesitation or concern, and mocking of appropriate, healthy, reasonable boundaries.

It is the Personality Disordered cretins that want to control the world.  And they don’t care not only about the people, hell, many of these cretins really don’t even care about themselves at the end of the day.

Cue Alfred from Batman reminding us what is really wanted…

Sad, but fighting fire with fire leads to more burns…

And isn’t that inherently wrong!?

addendum 1 hour later:  Thank you Mr Shapiro:

Lots of good stuff in there, this is my favorite:

“This isn’t “whataboutism.” Nothing justifies the alt-right’s racist perspective or murderous violence by an alt-righter. But it would be factually incorrect to ignore Antifa’s continuing role in the violent incidents that have now spread across the country. Because the Marxists in Antifa try to shut down free speech, they drive foolish people into the morally incorrect binary decision of supporting the alt-right, rather than loudly rejecting the ideology and violence of both sides.”

Yeah, the Left is as ignorant and cruel as any on the Right.

Hence the polarized terms, and the polarized behaviors.

He ends with this:  “Charlottesville, Sacramento, Berkeley — we’re watching a microcosmic re-enactment of Weimar Republic brownshirt-vs.-reds violence in real-time, complete with the same flags being flown. Just as then, some leadership condemning the evil of alt-right white supremacy, the viciousness of hard-left Marxism, and the violence anyone commits in violation of basic rights should be unceasing and thunderous.”

But, cue Carlin, we don’t have people who would ostracize and marginalize the scum of extremism, because we have people who either don’t care, don’t worry, and/or don’t want to act.  Again, how the Personality Disordered stays in place…


Addendum #2:  and also thanks to John Hawkins, who points out the pervasive hypocrisy and double standards of the Louts/Regressives/Libelous in trying to tell the world only the Right is bad, yeah, right!

Well, I see the bastard behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz reference), and he and his ilk are bastards, so we’ll just have to watch more of the extremist bashing, literally, on someone’s turf who never invited the scum to fight in the first place.  Why didn’t this happen in Seattle, or L.A., or N.Y., where the Louts deserve to have their home field destroyed?

Leave with this from Mr Hawkins:  “Yet Richard Spencer, like David Duke before him, is treated like some kind of rock star by the media liberals even though he’s a nobody in the conservative movement. Why? Because they don’t care about conservative opinion. They don’t care about conservative views. They care about creating propaganda that paints the Right as a bunch of hood-wearing, Nazi-saluting scumbags. So, they treat Richard Spencer like a rock star.

This creates a sort of Kim Kardashian effect. Ninety five percent of any influence Spencer has comes from the fact that anything he does is a big deal to the media. Why were Spencer and Duke able to gather even 500 Tiki torch-waving idiots in Charlottesville? Because the media would cover everything they did with bated breath. It gave them a chance to feel important, to feel like they were making an impact. In fact, white supremacists have started to believe its own BS because they keep hearing it from the media. After fighting with Richard Spencer on Twitter, I still remember one of his fans claiming that white supremacists were an essential part of Trump getting elected.”

It takes two to fight, and the Left ignoring all the hate and hostility by the Antifas and their equally heinous supporters, who brought weapons to Charlottesville by the way, shows what the faux media really are doing.

Do you watch CNN anymore?  I don’t!  Corrupt News Nitwits!…

Image result for image of someone using a flamethrower in Charlottesville Aug 2017

Bet ya didn’t see this shot anywhere in Left wing media distortions.  Who’s on the receiving end of the flames, yeah, the idiots of supremacy, but ironic it is from black men wearing masks, eh?!