After reading the below link, I share it with any reader interested in understanding the depths and proliferation of evil well disguised.  Please read it.

I will just copy this one part, but, this is what goes on pervasively in our society the past decade or so, especially with the propagation of the internet media of Facebook, Snapshot, Twitter, and the other assorted quick fix crap, sells what Ms Harris says.

What’s important about this whole story is what came next.  It wasn’t reality; it was all about perception.  Wiccan girl was always around corners, whispering to my coworkers. They began to see me as a “problem,” though in what way I’ll never know.  I was urged to be nicer, to treat Wiccan girl differently, to work harder and be a better person.  I became part of a play I hadn’t even auditioned for; I was being forced to resolve a problem I didn’t have.  Someone was hell-bent on destroying me and I kept being told the problem was me!”

I identify with this because this is what I see happening to psychiatry, and not just on the Net, but in the clinics as well by other disciplines.  And what is sad are the bastards who want to destroy my profession, they offer nothing of substance as a genuine effective alternative, as a solution if there are real problems by my discipline.  They want an easy target for a villain, because they don’t want people to see the real villain, the complainers and disdainers, and psychiatrists as a whole set themselves up to be screwed by being so polite, respectful, and “understanding”.  F— that!

A society that not only tolerates but supports denial, projection, deflection, and minimization as expected defenses by the Personality Disordered Cretin, well, enjoy the rule of said cretins.

Which is how we have Trump, could have had Shrillary, and had Obummer.  It is nothing less than amazing how 8 years of that antisocial bastard masquerading as a leader of America has totally screwed up this country.  He legitimized hate, division, scapegoating, and diminishing pride and accomplishment.  And now we have a majority of the population in the country who echo his lies and deceit onwards.

Well anyway, hope the link is educational to those interested…