Yeah, well what have we learned since Saturday afternoon from Charlottesville?  We truly live in a culture that is profoundly Personality Disordered, from the perverse top to the hideously ugly bottom.  Just amazing what is the message from both parties, but, are they really separate political parties, or just mirror images of brutally harsh extremist narrative and agendas?  Why a third party can’t rise from the stench of these failed political “leaders”, well, it never will, eh?

I see the Demon-craps’ 2018 slogan fully in form just less than a year from fruition:


But not to be outdone, The Repugnocants will shout out in opposition:


But, I just fall back to the safe generic phrase from Georgey C:


Because our electorate told us to pick the lesser of evils, and well, what the hell is “lesser” these days?!  An entrenched antisocial bitch, or an entrenched narcissistic bastard?!

Again, you wonder why the Islamic radical assholes haven’t come ashore and attacked us mercilessly, like they are doing in Europe?  Because they enjoy the show we give them almost day in and out.  We are killing ourselves, so why sacrifice able bodies that will be needed later once the cockroaches of humanity are left in the next, what, 2 or 3 years at most here in America???

Trick question, what is worse, a white supremist nationalist, or a black antifascist thug?

It’s a shame they didn’t just quarantine an area inside Charlottsville and let these extremist pricks and cunts kill each other with their swords, clubs, and other non high speed projectile devices.  Gee, if they had put it as a PPV event, and marketed it the night before, some of the National Debt might have been paid for, it really is true!

Now just wait for the August recess to end, let the bastards and bitches that are our Federal government representatives come back into chambers, and then lock the doors, tell them only when one person is left alive, will the doors be opened, and the lone survivor can then go to the White House and try to take Trump out.

Again, make that a PPV event, and maybe the rest of the Debt could be wiped clean?

And then we can start working on the impaired electorate?  Oh, that is rude and harsh…

Yeah, so is the truth!

Civil War Part 2, just 155 some years later.

fighting in a field