First, I joked how some asshole would try to claim the upcoming solar eclipse (to be viewed here in America tomorrow) was something the Right/ Conservatives were staging to hurt the country.  Those I shared it with really didn’t laugh, but admitted only someone psychologically impaired could try that.

Welcome to that psychologically impaired douchebag, and the toilet paper periodical that printed it:

I would ask readers to review it, but, I think this other link will summarize the point in less words, and reveal how f–d up the Left/Regressives/Libelous are devolving and making life in America so horrendously painful:

“Ultimately, Ristroph bemoans that even where the eclipse could access larger African-American populations, it appears to deliberately skirt them, such as in Mississippi, where the sun takes what can only be described as a clearly deliberate turn over Trump supporter-rich rural country, rather than saving its show for major cities along the Gulf Coast where the populations are more diverse.”

This is how sick about a third of this country has become, and frankly, as the title of this post asks, can we effectively and persistently marginalize, if not just downright ostracize these disgusting human beings who hate everything this country is about that is responsible, appropriate, and accountable???

Personality Disordered scumbags, they are almost everywhere now.

And the Sun is the leader of oppression and racism, well, all I can say to the Alice Ristroph supporters, start your burn in hell by being outside and trying to view the discriminatory act in the sky tomorrow afternoon for most in the country.

Hey, your glasses only reinforce that discrimination, so be defiant, take them off and stare and curse at the bastard Sun that taunts you!

God, if there ever was a true spontaneous combustion of humans, please nature, give us some help, honestly, please restore natural selection and take out at least some of these scumbags masquerading as humans in a civilized society…

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wouldn’t that be a good start to Monday the 21st…