First the link:

Really, criminalizing prayor?!  Who are these douchebags in these Court rooms across this country, making appropriate, reasonable boundaries and expectations become criminal acts and agendas?!

Again, why the Louts/Regressives/Libelous are f—-g up America big time.

You think a guy running over protestors was a big deal?  Wait until some cretin shows up at a court house and starts shooting judges, but even worse, the staff who are forced to work for these f—-rs who are destroying America.

By the way, just as an aside, yesterday and today I set a new record for having to write prescriptions for a lame prior prescriber who I replaced, yep, 9 psychotropic meds for one patient, two different people total.  NINE psychiatric meds for one person!!!

And, I am a consultant for a rehab program where I am now, who made me see a person who was two days off a basic 5 year binge of cocaine, to assess what is the psychiatric problem and what meds to implement.  Gotta love this bullshit, diagnosis for what 1500 days of cocaine is masquerading as.

Idiots, we are surrounded by idiots, until further notice!

To those in Southern Texas and Louisiana, I pray for you honestly, and hope I don’t go to jail for caring and worrying for you!!!  Harvey, a name that will live in infamy…


addendum this evening:

Ben Shapiro to add the exclamation point:

I’ll let him end it with his ending, and know this, to fuck around with prayer, if it gives one genuine healthy hope and faith, well, that is just plain evil folks, and you can all figure it out!

“Now, teachers don’t have the absolute right to do and say what they want as employees of school districts. Did the school district have the right to fire Kennedy? Perhaps so. But to suggest that public schools have an obligation to fire those like Kennedy is a despicable, purposeful misreading of the First Amendment, and a blow at Christianity more generally. Kennedy forced no one; his religious practice inspired many. That’s something good. But for the Left, even the presence of religion in any decent light must be proscribed on the public dollar. The Founders would have been appalled by such nonsense.”

Well, alright, I am ending the post on my words, as I’m not Christian, but I respect any religion that wants good in people.  The Left will stop at nothing to promote their selfish, arrogant, misleading, and harmful agendas to fuck America, and being ignorant or just terminally optimistic their faux support of any miniscule cause is allegedly good, well, there were some who thought Nazis and Stalins were for the good of the people.

Yeah, fuck those idiots too, if any are still alive to rue their days of support!

Sorry, the Left needs to burn, and fast if we can salvage what remains good and true for the needs of the many who care for community and planet.  Not a threat to anyone, but, I truly hope there is a karma out there who is as pissed as I am, and can do something to rectify these wrongs.

And I genuinely pray I am right for the right reasons!!!