Hillary Clinton is not going to be President of the United States until she runs for office in 2019-20 and is elected, note I don’t say legally elected, but nonetheless, it won’t be for another 3 plus years.  Yet, the Left who really are unhinged, well, read these two stories and wonder how f—-d up the Democrats have become:




I’d offer what planet these absolute idiots are living on and coming to Earth for some laughs and attempts at taking the planet over, but, this stuff above is not funny, and certainly not going to be tolerated.

Again, marginalize, ostracize, and shun these bastards, and do it harshly when necessary, you can’t negotiate with this level of extremism, as it is behavior of the entrenched Personality Disordered, count on it!

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Addendum 4PM: hilarious, this woman is equally evil and inept:


“And as part and parcel of being Hillary Clinton, bad computer security follows. We saw it in her bathtub illegal private server, which may have been hacked, we saw it in her campaign chief John Podesta, whose account password was ‘password,’ and we saw it in assorted claims of Russian hacking.

With Hillary continuing to hang around the same people she always does, it pretty well suggests that bad computer security is a given. Maybe she ought to get some new friends who know what they’re doing.”

You can’t make up this crap any better…