While Dr O’Brien was forwarding the trailer for the next American Horror Story, which I will include in this link,


the real horror story is really this link,


“The ACA is actually two laws glued together: a vast Medicaid expansion to cover the poor and a federal takeover of individual insurance markets, previously regulated by states. Since that takeover, individual premiums have more than doubled, and they’re predicted to rise another 25 to 35 percent next year. The mandatory benefit package and community pricing regulation are to blame, according to actuarial experts. Premiums will never go down until Obamacare’s regulations are repealed. That would liberate the middle class to buy affordable insurance without hurting the poor on Medicaid.”

So, where did one hear about how Obamacare was as much a ploy to screw the middle class as any other agenda?  Oh yeah, here, over and over the last several years.

The Horror Story is how the Left, and now the Right in our political system these last 7 months, are not interested in doing their jobs, but just keeping them.  But, how big is that middle class voting block?  I think it is bigger than the Medicaid population who are allegedly benefitting, as they vote less reliably than those in the Middle Class.

Maybe, just maybe, we will see the Phoenix rise in the next 9 months and start to really screw these assholes who think they are eternally to stay in power.

Wishful thinking, perhaps.  But, I think there are people out there who are the embodiment of the message from the movie Network.  Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

The real storm in this country isn’t brewing over oceans, folks…

good luck with this ride

Don’t look back, but, enjoy the view ahead while you are still above the surface!!!