Harvard is an illustration of Liberal, Left, Progressive thinking, and this story really defies any healthy, responsible logic which is completely absent from Democrats and their ilk.  Please, read, digest, and then vomit if responsibly based in this culture:


“The Harvard Kennedy School of Government, seemingly having no issue with Manning’s record, made her a visiting fellow for the year. In their announcement, the school mentions her court martial conviction, but is much more eager to note her advocacy on behalf of queer and transgender rights, as well as her exposes on Artificial Intelligence.

With the hire, the school was also able to note at the top of the page that this year’s class features their “first transgender fellow.” “

There really isn’t anything else to add to this recent “Shit Show”, as a patient I just saw earlier used repeatedly in the visit.  The Louts/Regressives/Libelous really are just that, a shit show, they just crap on society on a daily basis with such a disingenuous, dishonest, disdainful, and I will add a fourth “D” word, destructive agenda, there is no ability to be preemptive, attentive, and reflecting on what this will do to their role among the people, in this case a university of substantial prestige and influence.

I have a nephew at Harvard, who I have high regard and respect for, and yet, after this latest shit show by his eventual alma mater, all I can say is, how can his parents pay the money they do for an education from a place that is genuinely a shit show??

See the movie “Accepted” with Justin Long?  The irony with the premise is surely funny and pathetic at the same time, he created the South Harmon Institute of Technology, notice the acronym for the school, S.H.I.T., and it was a shit show most of the movie.

I used this picture before, just imagine Harvard freshman as a substitute:

Image result for image of movie Accepted cleaning up South Harmon Institute of Technology

(that’s them opening the door to the bathroom, see the movie to truly appreciate the scene at it’s finest…)

I wish you all well as Fall is about to commence…