Wow, just listening to various talk shows today after yesterday’s fiasco of NFL games, you would think something big happened in D.C. and the public is just awash in astonishment and outrage, bewilderment and annoyance, or maybe just fed up and pissed off?  But, nope, it was just a bunch of athletes, some who are probably not even going to finish the season on the field, who thought they could make some statement what is wrong with this country.  Yeah, something is wrong, and it is about ego out of control, selfishness without boundaries, or maybe just fed up that people aren’t sucking these bozo’s genitals and screaming how wonderful it is for the losers to be sucking off these entitled, clueless jerks?!

First what I wrote to a talk show host this afternoon, Derek Hunter at WBAL radio:

“Sorry not calling,but I am not a fan of talking on air, am listening though as home today.  This whole issue really can be simplified to basic selfishness:  Trump:  “I am boss and I don’t like what you are doing, so, you’re fired”; players:  “we don’t like being told what to do, so go f—yourself, and we don’t care what other people think anyway”;  The Left:  “we don’t like a country that doesn’t do what we want, so let’s just whip up everyone into a frenzy that saying no is only for us”; the Right:  “country always comes first and we are the country, so you need to do what we tell you to do, and just reflexively genuflect to the flag”.

Me, I see the middle:  people don’t like standing attention to the flag and National Anthem, then don’t, but it isn’t about you, but about your alleged cause that this country is harming.  Go to the streets, the airways, come to my house and ask me to let you in and hear your view.
But, I want to watch a football game, so play football and then stay on the field after the game, and instead of kneeling in prayer, kneel in solidarity to get fans and other players to hear your point.
Trump by the way is an idiot, once you call people son of a bitch, well, go screw yourself Donnie, and if he wants to come to my house and explain himself, I look forward to listening for what will be likely about 30 seconds and then stand up and walk to the door and say, “thanks Mr President, now get out, I can’t fire you but I sure the hell can throw you out!”
Wouldn’t that be fun?!?!
from Joel in R….”

He then noted the email peripherally and said I was echoing something that Mike Rowe wrote at his Facebook page earlier, so after Mr Hunter read it, I later found something that summarized it (as I don’t do Facebook), and here it is:

Hmm, I am glad other people think a bit like me, not that I am the beacon of correct opinion, but at least some call it as it is, the public sucks, at least for now, for tolerating all this bullshit that passes for leadership, entertainment, and influence.

I like this from Mr Rowe:

“In my view, the real controversy here isn’t about patriotism, social justice, racial inequality, or free speech. It’s not even about the flag or the national anthem,” Rowe wrote. “It’s really only about one thing – what we will tolerate, and what we won’t.”

well, anyway, to bring it to mental health care, it also fits there for providers who really need to decide if and when they will take a stand and stop colluding, if not just flagrantly promoting this quick fix shit of meds for all, talking for few, and patients making real and substantial change below the 5% random chance moment.


8 words that should be the rally cry for the next election cycle.  That’s going to be my campaign slogan as a voter, as well as a psychiatrist, and let’s see if we can’t promote that to those who not only have a working, autonomous brain, but also believe in independence, accountability, and most of all, boundaries that promote productivity, nurturing, and positive direction.  Unfortunately, that will eliminate about half the electorate, but, at least we as a responsible collective can focus on those we can rally around for support and sympathy.

Oh, and I won’t have to kneel in front of them for consideration.  As I associate kneeling with submission and groveling.  Interesting interpretation, eh?  And what the Louts/Regressives/Libelous really intend with this campaign to neutralize, if not eliminate the Star Spangled Banner being sung.

These scumbags really do want to rehash Sieg Heil as their mantra…


Image result for image of americans groveling to Obama

it is what it is, 8 years of antisocial standards now in free fall…