Every so often a column or post comes along and just relays the message more succinctly than I can, and here is that moment today:


here are a few of the illustrations to the column:

“1. Adults take responsibility for their actions, say “I’m sorry,” try to fix any problems resulting from their errors, accept the consequences of their actions, and learn from them.  A.A.s run around saying, “It’s not my fault,” always blaming others, however tenuous the connection, while the catastrophe created by their bad decisions brings life down about their heads.

3. Adults support themselves and their families.  Again, uncontrollable events like illness can intervene, but adults get an education, get a full-time job (however bad), work hard at it, and move up.  A.A.s live off others, including family; friends; borrowing; theft; and, of course, the taxpayers – and believe they are entitled to live at others’ expense.

7. Adults are infrequent complainers.  A.A.s make themselves deeply unhappy and people to be avoided by whining all the time.  And about things that “aren’t my fault.”

12. Adults are good neighbors, always ready to lend a helping hand, and considerate of other folks.  A.A.s want to know first, “What’s in it for me?”

16. Adults know that the best policy is to under-promise and over-perform.  They make promises sparingly and always try to keep them.  A.A.s toss out promises like candy at a parade, with no thought of keeping them.  When they don’t, it’s always “somebody else’s fault.”

Actually, all 16 are completely accurate, and hence why I see this as illustrating my ongoing commentary of our Personality Disordered Society, as much of what is out there are adults who are still immature and immersed in dysfunctional adolescent mentality.  Why we don’t let people under the age of 25 be politicians at least.

Well, read it as interested, and then wonder why we have Donald Trump as President, and we have Hillary Clinton running around telling us it’s our fault she is not President.  Gee, lesser of evils, ironic isn’t it, we had to chose between two highly dysfunctional adolescents in near elderly bodies to rule us…

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