Oh, this post is so easy, and why I am hating addiction more and more every day I go to work and have to deal with these losers and their enabling, codependent schumcks:


“Without a doubt, countless thousands have had their lives saved with a dose of naloxone. But then what? Reports from the front lines make clear that reviving an overdosed patient does not lead the patient to suddenly seek a sober lifestyle. Furthermore, the widespread availability of this antidote has made many addicts feel invincible.

“We gave Narcan to one particular addict 20 times in one month,” an EMT from a rural upstate New York town told me recently. “And the parents don’t care. They just keep calling us to revive their kid.”

Sorry, the kid needs to get into honest and committed recovery, or die!

And all these f—-g idiots who continue to preach we have to save all addicts, well, where the hell are these losers when the shit hits the fan?!

Out the door, down the hall, and screaming “it’s not our problem!”

F— all you addict enabling jerks, may reality punch you hard in the face!

Image result for pictures of dead drug addicts

we’ll end with this from the above link:

“Yes, decisions have consequences. It’s pretty clear now that sinking tens of millions into a path that doesn’t reduce the number of addicts in America was more than just a bad idea. It was a mistake.”

Yeah, another moment of politicians fucking up America to stay in office.  Hmm, maybe that’s the next addiction to address!!!