This week was a terrible week, for me, for patients I saw at the clinic, and mostly for this country.  Las Vegas is now sad city, not sin city.  But, the dialogue from the Louts, the Regressives, the Libelous, and their pathetic leadershit of Demoncraps, well, it is as the title says, just disingenuous, dishonest, disdainful, and I’ll add this fourth “D”, despicable dialogue just to promote narratives and agendas.

Oh, and their basic defense of that creep in Hollywood,  Harvey Shit-stain, ( ) just shows you how far hypocrisy and double standards go for these folk who think anyone, ANYONE, who does not completely genuflect to their rhetoric and goals are to be harassed, demeaned, and heinously marginalized.  Bill O’Reilly was forced to leave his show, but, I’ll bet this bastard in Hollywood will be terrorizing more women by Christmas parties 2017…

Why I hate this polar side of our political system, as while the Repugnocants are selfish, ignorant, and careless bastards, at least they don’t hate America, like the Left/Democrats do with glee.

I’ll leave you with this recent example of why Maryland is a shit State, and believe me when I print this, my time living in this State is borrowed, as this is the kind of ugly narrative that needs more than rejected.  It needs criminalized:

“Global tech guru Alec Ross, a candidate for governor of Maryland, says that, if elected, he will have the State Police arrest any agent of Immigration and Customs Enforcementwho violates the rights of the “citizens and guests” of the state of Maryland. “I swear to God,” he says in an interview with Dan Rodricks, “if the ICE officers violate the laws of Maryland and violate the rights of the citizens and guests of us here in the state of Maryland, I will have State Troopers arrest the ICE officers, and God bless the confrontation that brings with Donald Trump.”

It isn’t there are assholes like Alec Ross who can run for office, but there are thousands of voters who will gleefully vote for this prick in the primary next year.  And he won’t win, but, we have a lot of assholes in this state who think the needs of the illegal immigrants trump those of legitimate honest America citizens.

That is an easy example of evil, folks.  You figure it out, and then wait for more Left/ Democrat demagoguery to just further divide and outrage people.  It is what they live for, and at the end of the day, I truly believe they hope Americans die for in opposition to Left/Democrat goals.  And that is sad to write, but, tell me how I am wrong.

Oh, and I write about it here because I see it in my profession as well, so, it is a mental health issue too, but politics give it more coverage, so, go where the lights shine, eh?!