“It’s an incredibly useful debating tactic to say that every failed socialist country wasn’t really socialist because it had a ruling class. The problem is that there will never be a “true” socialist country because ruling classes are inevitable. The unapologetic reds should spend a little less time reading Marx and read more Max Nomad, Milovan Djilas, Max Schachtman, James Burnham, and other Communists and former Communists who understood that any attempt to create a “true socialist” society runs into the Iron Law of Oligarchy. Every organization requires some small group of people to make important decisions. They may use their special knowledge and power to help people, but it’s also a sure bet that they will use it to help themselves as well. A society without democratic institutions and market mechanisms by its nature will invest bureaucrats with enormous power to make choices about how other people will live.”

Oh, and human nature is about doing what is best for self.  Altruism and concern for fellow man is a mature, learned response.  We are all ID bound until we accept the direction and teachings of adults we inherently respect and appreciate.

Antisocials do not do those things, and often wind up in power where there is a vacuum like a “socialist” society.  And history has shown that over, and over, and over, and will continue to do so until people stop pursuing stupid and unattainable goals like “socialism”.  Fair and equal, wonderful concepts, but, not wonderful realities.

And why the despicable and disingenuous Left assholes sell it endlessly…

Hey, I think there is an antisocial element to Bernie Sanders, he is just really good at hiding it, and now that he has been on the main stage, well…

Single Payer health care, what a hideous agenda, and he sells it without pause!