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It has been almost a week since the shooter killed 58 people and injured many hundreds more via bullets or panic from pandemonium.  And as of today, there is no outward motive from law enforcement or those who closely knew the shooter (and note I will NOT be using his name, infamy does not deserve notoriety!)

Well, I have my hypothesis, and it will most likely be wrong or expanded beyond by good police work to come after what I will offer here, but, I am a fan of Occam’s Razor, so here it is:

*he was a prolific gambler for years and also was observed to be outwardly drunk in public of late, so a likely risk of addiction/dependency characteristics

*he collected firearms for years, so an element of OCD or hoarding behaviors that could be representative of cluster C traits

*he was an introvert or isolative to some degree, irregardless of his traveling that is noted, so he had a secretive element of possible cluster A characterology

*His father was an outward antisocial/sociopathic type as described in retroactive accounts, so a genetic factor to such personality disorder of cluster B

So, to summarize, my gut tells me this was a guy of Personality Disorder unspecified type of multi types of clusters A, B, and C, and add the addiction side and focus on firearm elements, and the only element I can’t conclude right now is why October 1st and in Las Vegas.

Predictors of violence, folks, the only one he doesn’t have is a history of violence, and that befuddles me to no end.  And what is even more frustrating is we probably won’t have an irrefutable answer from someone or something for months to years to come…

Just to be wary of copycats hereon!

addendum Sunday night:  watch about the 4 minute mark of this video of today’s “Face the Nation” per Mary Ellen O’Toole’s comments, and focus on her comment that personality disorder is NOT a mental illness.  Thank you Ms O’Toole!!!


It is going to come down to interviewing his friends and family at length.