Read this piece of shit, from Berkeley yet again, and I genuinely grieve for anyone who is actively supporting or preparing to send one’s children to college in America as of now.  This is what I have been writing about, Personality Disorder not only run amok, but actually terrorizing people of healthy, functional ability in this country.

“Shaiken’s [the professor] words fell on deaf ears, as one protester smugly stated: “Understand your privilege.”

The students told Shaiken that they were going to take their complaints to the Department of Ethnic Studies, to which the professor responded: “You are more than welcome to do that.”

Just as the group was leaving, one stayed behind to tell off the rest of the class:

I don’t know why you’re still, like, sitting down, y’all. I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. Y’all can take your f**king test, but people are dying out there. … Y’all can take your test, but this [university is] protecting white supremacists, and y’all are protecting them, too.

Can any reader here over 40 years old imagine taking over the class and telling the teacher how to conduct his course?!  “F” for the punk’s grade, which for me would be the most deserving “F*** yourself, student”, and perhaps later escorted to the campus gates and be expelled.

Not today, the “students” of many campuses really think they run the academic rules.

I hope as many businesses and professional organizations in California hire these ignoramuses masquerading as young adults from the University of California at Berkeley, and then watch said businesses and organizations be destroyed.

Wow, the audacity of hope, yeah, this is what 8 years of that antisocial shithead former President Obummer has wrought, just like his predecessor Democrat serial rapist Billy C redefined what “is” sex for the generation of teens in the late 1990s…

strapped patients

Graduating class of 2018 at Berkeley, hire them all!!!