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I can identify with this post title, because as I am coming up on 5 years of this blog, it really has deteriorated into being consumed by hate, hate of the antisocial and other flagrant Axis 2 garbage that is destroying this country.  And that has been a big mistake, but, how can we who are inherently trying to be good, be responsible, be dedicated to helping others help themselves, not be eroded into becoming what we are trying to fend off?

What does Harvey Dent say to Bruce Wayne in “The Dark Knight”, something like


Yeah, irony from art imitating life, hmm?

This is a post in process, so bear with me if interested to come back over the weekend or return Monday, hopefully upon it’s fruition?

Anyway, nothing new in my latest escapade as a Locum, more providers who just inherently sell the message of “better living through chemistry”, today once again trying to be told to medicate grief,

…. we’ll leave it to a well know cartoon character to remind us about “good grief”

lucy as psychiatrist


addendum Sat Oct 14th:  so, I woke up this morning and perused through my usual sites for “laughs”, and found these two columns:




I think they are both good reads, for the points they make in general, and how it applies to the point of this specific ongoing thread.  The first by William Gensert said this at the beginning:

“To the Democrat of today, all things are political and everything can be framed within their vision of how the nation, and indeed, the world should be run. That this country, in particular, should be run by them is at the core of their beliefs — the identity politics, the idea that there are no legitimate leaders except their own, full control of the economy, where people live, where they go and how they get there, what they do, what they eat, and lastly what they think, are merely tools to facilitate their total control.”

Which is why I am erroneously fueled by hate, as I despise, vehemently mind you, those who think they can eradicate independence, autonomy, and freedom of choice.  Those who want total control are scumbags, and don’t deserve to be negotiated with when they have no interest to negotiate.  Wake up people, when you deal with veiled tyranny, being a mensch doesn’t make the pain and agony more tolerable!  At some point, you have to say not “when”, but just plain “stop!!”, and “who do you think you are!?”.

And just look at the non verbal cues by the leaders of these agendas to control and rule, the likes of Bernies Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and even Chuck Schumer of late, they have such hate, disdain, and cruelness to their stares and expressions to their faux voiced claims of tolerance and hope.  They make me sick!

Oh, and the masked expression to McConnell, and the deer in headlights looks by Ryan, they are almost as lame and pathetic to have to witness.  And to any reader who thinks I am a Trump advocate, the man is such a moron, and that’s where most of these loser politicians who try to fake outrage when caught saying something negative about Trump but want to continue to benefit, write it down if he offends you!  I have, will continue to do so, and hope for the best outcome, he grows bored and annoyed and just resigns in his pathetic misguided thoughts of being harassed and demeaned to go out the door.

Let’s be honest, anything can “be taken out of context” these days, but, when it is print, and well thought out before it is typed or dictated, well, then it is what it is if you take the time to expend energy to voice opinions on paper or screen, eh?!

As per what Michael Reagan said in the second link, well, the whole piece is so on the mark for me and this post intended now, but I will just replicate this one thing, and please read the whole column and digest it for what it intends (and it is not long, so your weekend won’t be lost!), I hope:

“No matter where I click, there’s no escape from liberal politics and the media’s nonstop drumbeat of Trump Hate.

Even TV weather reports have become polluted.

I think every hurricane, thunderstorm, wildfire, drought, flood, snowstorm, heat wave or heavy dew that has negatively affected North America since June has been blamed on humans, their cars or Donald Trump’s energy policies.”

And that is so true, these slime from the Left make everything the fault of their enemies, opponents, dissenters.  Which is the behavior of the Personality Disordered, so I hope readers here give pause to that perspective.  When someone starts blaming people or a group for something that is so outwardly random and unintended as a slight on our species, well, where do you go once having to read or hear such bullshit!?

And bringing it back to the point here, it is about consumed with hate.  I don’t have an answer how to effectively and pervasively handle and make progress with people who profoundly hate.  Yeah, you start with efforts at common ground, but, do we really have it here with two extremists groups that have sizeable influence with people of power, control, and setting policy?

No, we don’t.  And why it would be nice to channel that anger and outrage into something positive and effective, like, a third party?  That hopefully will be my direction with the next segment here.  Any history buffs who can offer perspective or examples of past societies that found a third way and saw it progress somewhere effectively, please opine and elaborate, I would appreciate it!

I like this image and message, maybe something to boost my spirits this weekend, and maybe yours as well if you feel similarly…


addendum #2 today Saturday the 14th:

maybe an aside or just an example of my anger, this from another blog that I don’t think really problems solves all the angles to this matter of too many mentally ill patients falsely or cruelly incacerated,


my comment, which for now posted:

“Respectfully, having worked at two State Hospitals in the past year, and watched them be relentless filled with people who are moreso criminals primarily than mental health people cruelly over prosecuted, I don’t get this rationalizing how people are being denied essential and acute services when those demanding the admissions have no clue how to triage these inmates!

Oh, and that is the key point to this comment, I didn’t read your mention of the recent judicial ruling making all our State Facilities have to take on more inmates and then wade through the morass of figuring out who is genuinely mentally ill, versus who is faking it and just terrorizing patients at whim!


Hope readers look at the link, and then figure out what is really at hand here, is it solely about too many people being incarcerated versus denied genuine care needs, or, a judicial system that once again wants to simplify treatment needs to make it easier for the judges and wardens?!

Again, always fascinating and repugnant how many health care providers stay silent and thus complicit to not challenge poor administrative judgments. Why mental health is a terminally ill profession, based on my humble yet vast experience of near 25 years now.

But, we can naively continue to hope for the best, in a system that really punishes hope and independence because those are not acceptable outcomes for people who crave power and control. Hey, just my perspective, I could be wrong. Just ask those politicians/judges who allegedly represent you how much they are appropriately educated and advised on mental health issues these last, what, 15 or so years?!

Or better yet, maybe talk to real mental health patients stuck in State Hospitals and left to fend for themselves in defacto jails/prisons without appropriate security and consequences for real life crimes going on inside those walls!!!

Yeah, let’s read that next column!!!

Joel Hassman, MD”

We’ll see if the comment stays, who voices more interest if not equal outrage, and further comments advising how we protect the real mentally ill, or just continue to allow mentally ill politicians and judges f— up mental health care, simply because these cretin leaders can!

Oh, and read up on the story Thursday Oct 12th about the pharmacy that is delivering medications that include meds for Alzheimer’s folks.  Yeah, to people actively in Congress.  THAT IS DAMN FRIGHTENING TO LEARN, EH!?!?

stay up to date as able…


Hate to turn this post into a multiple times in one day addendums, but, this story bothers me as much as that pathetic bastard in Seattle who verbally assaulted a group of Christians a week or so ago and has gotten a free pass for no consequences that I know.  The story today that shows the bottomless pit of slime that is the Left?:


This was the Restaurant’s Facebook post:

And then the gestapo response goes on and on.  Yeah, while the point of this post is to address unrelenting hate, it is hard to not hate back these losers who think only of themselves and their “causes”, which at the end of the day are not principles or real benefits to a general society, but just selfish wants and in the end the most hypocritical lies of alleged tolerance and concern for public welfare.

I’d end with some hostile comment, but, let’s have the asshole from that Seattle coffee shop end this addendum, eh?

Yeah, those tolerant LGBT folk, I respect so much.  Cue Toilet flush noise…


Last addendum for this post, Sat the 14th, 3PM:

I think I will have Peggy Noonan finish my post, and again advise readers to read her whole column, but her ending says it perfectly for me, in my interpretation, the pervasive Personality Disorder mostly from the Left alone has made the rest of us angry, fearful, and most sadly, as intolerant of the Left’s endless shitting on the country, and thus why many NOT on the Left have guns:


“Americans have so many guns because drug gangs roam the streets, because they have less trust in their neighbors, because they read Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” Because all of their personal and financial information got hacked in the latest breach, because our country’s real overlords are in Silicon Valley and appear to be moral Martians who operate on some weird new postmodern ethical wavelength. And they’ll be the ones programming the robots that’ll soon take all the jobs! Maybe the robots will all look like Mark Zuckerberg, like those eyeless busts of Roman Emperors. Our leaders don’t even think about this technological revolution. They’re too busy with transgender rights.

Americans have so many guns because they know the water their children swim in hasn’t gotten cleaner since Columbine, but more polluted and lethal.

The establishments and elites that create our political and entertainment culture have no idea how fragile it all is—how fragile itseems to people living normal, less privileged lives. That is because nothing is fragile for them. They’re barricaded behind the things the influential have, from good neighborhoods to security alarms, doormen and gates. They’re not dark in their imagining of the future because history has never been dark for them; it’s been sunshine, which they expect to continue. They sail on, oblivious to the legitimate anxieties of their countrymen who live near the edge.

Those who create our culture feel free to lecture normal Americans—on news shows, on late night comedy shows. Why do they have such a propensity for violence? What is their love for guns? Why do they join the National Rifle Association? The influential grind away with their disdain for their fellow Americans, whom they seem less to want to help than to dominate: Give up your gun, bake my cake, free speech isn’t free if what you’re saying triggers us.

Would it help if we tried less censure and more cultural affiliation? Might it help if we started working on problems that are real? Sure. But why lower the temperature when there’s such easy pleasure to be had in ridiculing your mindless and benighted countrymen?”

You cannot negotiate or reason with people who live, and mostly will die, from embracing and espousing a level of hate we have seen cause past world wars, millions of deaths within societies, and fracture relationships that should have been enduring.  Sorry, I was not a part of this, the ones who gleefully and repetitively supported either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are major causes to this problem of consumed hatred, and frankly as I have written several times before, I implore all the extremist scumbags who want only their way to meet their equally embattled opponents on the other side of an abandoned field and kill each other, just using their skulls as weapons.

Sorry, call me a hypocrite, but, I see no healthy resolution with the sustained raw hate that grows logarithmicly every day of late, moreso from the Left, but, there are contributions from the Right as well, count on it.

Oh, and as I said earlier as well, add PPV in showing this shit show mob scene in a field,  and watch the country’s debt level drop significantly from the proceeds.

And then maybe some return to normalcy, whatever the hell that is!?!