If people continue to let the logic of the Personality Disordered set the pace for society as such cretins seem to be succeeding these days, well, listen to these examples for what will be acceptable explanations for despicable acts:

“people who have too much nice stuff don’t share it with the rest of us, so I took their things so I can have them too.  I didn’t steal things, I took my share”

“that woman wouldn’t have sex with me but yet showed up dressed like she wanted to, so I took her unspoken offer and had sex with her.  I didn’t rape her, I just had sex that she ignored as my interest.”

“people who won’t help me, won’t care for me, will let me die eventually from neglect or lack of concern, so they are killing me.  I didn’t kill that person, I prevented them from killing me later.”

“that building was such an eyesore, and offered nothing of value for me, so it shouldn’t continue to stand in the community.  I didn’t commit arson, I was just starting new community development by not waiting around for others to act.”

Hmm, what do readers notice in those examples?  The hideous “logic” of the antisocial at least, and it can be extrapolated to the logic of other Personality Disordered cretin, I could draw parallels for the Narcissist, the Borderline, the Schizoid, the Dependent, the Avoidant, and the rest in Axis 2 as well.

My favorite by many of these characterological disrupters is the defense of projection, and I leave readers with this simple observation:  the people who scream “racism” and “supremacy” and “misogyny” are the real offenders to the accusation.  But, we live in a society that has embraced the adage “hear the lie enough and it becomes truth”, because people can’t look up from their screens long enough to honestly and appropriately evaluate the situations at hand.

Good luck staying ignorant, uninformed, and uninterested in the daily conflicts around us.  Because one day they will involve you, and hope your abilities to problem solve and gain some appropriate resolution work.  Because the defenses of the immature and pathological really don’t work well with healthy appropriate people.

But, damn, my assumption we have more healthy and appropriate people among us, certainly not reflected in our elected officials, EH!?!?  What is it George Carlin said 20 plus years ago, it’s not the politicians who suck, but, the public?

How’s that hope goin’ for ya these days, hmm?

enjoy, this is the best we can do, folks…