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CMHCs are the prime example of what Single Payer Health Care will look like for your somatic care providers in coming years.  Oh, and it is coming, cue the Jaws theme please, because too many people have bought into the illusion that good things come for free.  After all, they voted for Hillary or Donald last year, so what does that say about what, 100 million people out there who will be using these alleged free health care services that those idiots have sold us before, during, and after the election???

Hey, I am back working in these trenches, and I would hazard to guess that over 85% of the patients in CMHCs are either Medicaid or Medicare funded.  Oh, and guess what, with all the private practice providers now refusing to take any new Medicare patients, hell, they are even refusing to keep the ones they were treating before the Medicare bureaucracy become full Freddy Kruger on doctors, all these Medicare patients are overwhelming CMHCs.

And let’s have a moment of candor, well, you think it is just about reimbursement that is making private practitioners to hold up their crosses and silver to banish the hordes trying to storm the office doors?!  Well, I’ll let imaginative readers come to their own conclusions, I have to be PC in what I write here these days,eh?!

My point to this brief post is simple:  CMHCs are being made to be the legion of doom for what politicians really want to make health care do for them and their bean counter loser Igors.  Frankenstein is to be unleashed, for what psychiatry primarily via the APA really has been formulating in their castle of hideous creations gone bad in years past.

And who do we really have to thank for all this madness?  No, not Vincent Price, he has been dead for years, but his maniacal laugh should be the soundtrack for this brief rant that will be the epitath for mental health care.  Here is who I meant!:

Happy Hollow-screams, for what you hear shrieking are all those patients who think they are being allowed complete free and total access to all care options, only to learn as they foolishly refuse to turn around and see the Alien of government control who is really going to give them what they deserve.  The figurative thrashing of just getting scripts from a formulary at best from the early 2000s, access to a therapist for 30 minute therapy sessions every 4 to 6 weeks, and being told what diagnosis they are to be given from a selection of maybe 30 codes from the DSM-Jive that did have too many to  begin with anyway.

But, the public wants Single Payer Health Care, so, enjoy the Monster Mash!