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Sorry to any reader who is politically attentive, not only has the country survived a year after Donald Trump won the election a year ago today (well really 365 days later but what is an extra day, eh?), but yesterday’s selective elections reflect the same things now.  If the candidate is an incumbent or an extension of an incumbent leaving office, he or she is likely to lose.  Or, the sheer rigidity and inflexibility of party loyalty will lead to the voter to vote for whomever has a (D) or (R) after his/her name.  Or last, the public is what sucks, not the Trumps, Clintons, Bushes, or other entrenched names out there politically, like Kennedys as an example.

So, I think readers who truly champion for real representation, for honest service to the public, and for accountability for what politicians are doing, or more likely NOT doing in office, well, such readers are a minority.  You are outnumbered by entrenched Democrats, who only want crap for this country, and Republicans, who can’t do much of anything for this country.  The choices are acts of commission, or omission, and for things that only hurt America at the end of the day.

Again, only a third party or group of people who are truly independent of these real one party frauds of Republocrats will impact for the better.

I leave with this, the Democraps unilaterally forced Obamacare on the country, and then the Repugnocants chose to not make any real changes to this failed law.  So, as of January 1st 2018, unless something shows up to lessen the burden, I will be paying over 21,000 dollars a year for premium costs for health insurance, and each of the three members of my family have a 6,500 dollar deductible to meet before insurance payments will kick in.

Affordable Care Act, no, it was the Asinine Crap on Americans plan, and the Democraps really hate middle class Americans, and think this will give them more opportunity to pervasively ruin people when the ‘Craps allegedly regain the House and Senate next year.  Well, we’ll see if we will have a John Q moment in coming months, when more Americans can’t afford health care coverage, and then someone in their family has a serious health care crisis that then leads to a serious financial crisis.  (Google John Q the movie yourselves, have done so in past posts)

When Democrat politicians get shot and killed, hmm, maybe we’ll see them start to rethink their agendas?  NO, you won’t see change.  Personality Disordered folk of this intensity won’t change, because as long as they stay in power, they honestly don’t care about anyone else.  Hence why we have the electorate we have, because they vote for the representation they want:  Selfish Arrogant Dishonest politicians, who are exactly that moniker:  SAD!  Carlin was right, and why it is time to wonder if it really matters to vote if one is interested in representation, not resentment!

Do people think we’ll go another 4 weeks before the next massacre in America…

America burns