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Finally!  I was able to come up with a title to this post I have been pondering for the past couple of days since the utter bullshit of Franken and Moore has spewed out across the various media outlets.

First, let’s ask a couple of questions.  First, which is worse, the vile perpetrators of abuse, or, the relentless defenders of abusers?  Then, what really is more important, agendas or principles??

Which really leads to the bigger important third question:  are people by in large this pathetically complicit or clueless to allow such hideous and ugly behaviors to not only occur, but be validated at some point?!

But, I have really been tricking readers thus far, there is only one question that these prior three ask in different ways:  Why is it American culture has allowed abusers to rule without challenge and ruin numerous peoples’ lives without any regard or hesitation?

Yes, it is answered by the title, we are now an entrenched culture of convenience, much more these past 20 years or so, because people don’t really want to think or problem solve with any regularity.  It spills out into other pathetic behaviors of dependency and entitlement, and the trifecta really allows for nothing more than a society that is ripe for abusers.

Which goes back to my main point of many posts these past couple of years now, the Personality Disordered Society that just promotes chaos and disruption.

Just remember one thing I have said not only here for the past 5 years of the blog’s life, but years before as well:  we have a one party system of Republocrats, who are not  separate parties of Republicans and Democrats, but just an entrenched group of cretins who only want power, control, and vile id pursuits of sex, drugs, and immediate gratifications.

And this week we have had to listen to the shitshow of defenders of abuse tell us almost in exact words:  we will tolerate an abuser as long as he belongs to the Republican/Democrat party because tolerating the candidate from the other “party” is more heinous than the abusive life of the politician in power.

I’ll let Ben Shapiro say it better:


“But what if this isn’t the last election? What if there will be more elections? What if the American people are alienated from their institutions and their neighbors by the constant use of tu quoquelogic? What if we’re destroying our own social fabric with the constant invocation of the apocalypse? What if we’re actually accelerating the decline of our politics, ensuring that we edge closer to the fabled Last Election – because once we don’t trust each other to this extent, we may as well club each other to death politically? What if we distrust each other so much that we’re in a constant Vizzini-esque battle of wits in which no one is immune to iocaine powder?

Our social fabric relies on all of us recognizing that we’re going to have to live together beyond the next election cycle. We can always blame the other side for bringing us to the brink, and forcing us to support bad people. But unless someone steps back from that cliff, we’re all going to go over it together.

Yep, it doesn’t matter how one votes in this country anymore, as long as it is for a Republican or Democrat.  Because both parties are just full of douche bags and shit-bags, full of vile body fluid refuse that needs discarded, not worshiped!

To bring it back to what I see in my travels, I really have come to learn it isn’t the abuser who I find the most disgusting anymore, no, my disgust is with the fools and morons who want to defend, enable, and validate the abusers.  Because while there may be several reasons for backing an abuser, it often involves primary or at least a bit secondary convenience at the end of the day.

Now people can go back to whatever screens are entertaining you, because, it is convenient, eh?!