I’ll keep this short and sweet since it’s being posted Wednesday night, and doubt anyone with a life would read it before Sunday night, not a slam at readers who are kind enough to read here with regularity.

I have to admit this past year has been a real bitch (no, not a misogynistic, gender insensitive remark), and I am really burnt out with what I have to treat day in and out in my travels.  As I type this, I listen to Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” and just pine to wonder if I could just sit on the porch of some shack in an island retreat and just drink the blues away…

Anyway, back to reality, my thanks in a very sarcastic, disdainful way to the majority of inhabitants of America around us all today are as follows:

**Thanks for the shitty politicians the majority of the expectorant, er, electorate give us every 2-4 years, may such crappy voters’ poor choice give them all hemorrhoids and urinary incontinence for many months to years.

**Thanks for looking for drugs to solve all one’s problems, gee, you think the title of this blog would remind people “you can’t medicate life”, but, I see this crap every day, so, good luck with finding a chemical fix to relationship problems and other socioeconomic woes that will still be in one’s face tomorrow morning.

**Thanks to all my colleagues who think that psychiatry is the answer to criminal behavior, and that mental health is to save all the people incarcerated who deserve a better fate than imprisonment.  And as an aside, thanks to all the real patients in state facilities who complain louder and louder of late, who are victimized by these antisocial cretins that Forensic morons shove on psychiatric inpatient units to basically dump on other people.

**Finally, thanks to people who drive like shit as the holidays approach, because people in general really think that driving is just like sitting at one’s kitchen table or sitting on the couch, so folks can be distracted and laid back.  Really, I totally get road rage these days, when I have to be behind or next to some complete and utter moron who has a phone or wad of food or cosmetic device in their hand,  because these idiots think that being behind the wheel is an extension of what they should have completed BEFORE they left the house!

I’ve got at least a few more, but, hey, it’s Thanksgiving, and we should be thankful, but, that is NOT how I feel and think, and yes, my problem and struggle.

Honestly, to those who are responsible, accountable, and respectful, I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season now and upcoming, and be safe and well.

But, good luck being safe and well in this Personality Disordered Society…

Leave you with this hopeful tune…

(got it fixed, had a problem prior)