Hope to keep this short, I like to use analogies and metaphors for issues and needs, and my favorite is using “the foundation of your house” of health and function.

Well, if you find that interesting or applicable, let’s look at the major issues the Democrats and their supporters that are Liberals, Progressives, and the Left promote with glee and absolutely demand all genuflect and obey:

**Illegal imigration.  Gee, it is completely moral and acceptable for people to come into this country without accounting for their presence.  Their shit show of deflecting and completely false rationalizing is just pathetic and hideous.  Starting a life on a lie only amounts to more lies, subterfuge, and unaccountability.  Good start!

**Black Lies Matter narratives.  Those who are paying attention and are genuinely unbiased see through what is really Black Lies Matter, and that is about trying to end having a police force, or at least completely make policing irrelevant and ineffective, so criminals can thrive and maintain chaos.  Again, these are your allies for the basic tenets of a civilized society, in what alternative universe does that make sense!?

**Obamacare.  Let’s again have a moment of brutal candor and honesty, claiming millions have insurance who didn’t so then another group of millions either have to almost literally mortgage their lives to have insurance, or lose it, just shows this political group has no clue what passing laws is supposed to do, not trade one group for another, it is about more good than bad.  But, it is about one’s political base, eh?

**LGBT crowd, at least the extremists and their lack of tolerance they lie daily about is in fact every one else’s lack of tolerance.  Yeah, letting men in women’s bathrooms, shutting down businesses who have the right to choice, and mocking heterosexual beliefs, yeah, let’s let this crowd run society for a generation or two, and then gee, why won’t there be a third generation to terrorize.  Lack of procreation usually leads to a society literally dying out, but, again, facts are such a bitch…

**Extremist Muslim terrorism.  This one is so blatantly easy to explain, but, just think about this, when one runs interference and apologies for terrorists, well, they might as well be the terrorist themselves.  We are the company we keep, and frankly, the Democrats really think the terrorists will just kill Republicans and conservatives…

**Finally, Sexual harassment and abuse.  Hmm, this one is at least biting the party a bit in the ass, and hopefully some of these bastards’ genitals as well if there is a God.  But, isn’t it both fascinating and repugnant simultaneously they try to attack everyone else who isn’t in their group as disgusting people who have been accused of sexual impropriety, and then when it is on of their own, well, it isn’t about ignore the man behind the curtain, but, just bend over and take it more!  I told readers a year or so ago it started with Clinton the man how this country became the complete disarray that is Personality Disorder run amok, but, even now some just can’t say what it is , we let a rapist and abuser be our President.

But, we then allowed another Antisocial be in power for the more recent 8 years just preceding Trump, and even this cretin Obama won’t stay away.

So, you have it, not as short a post as I thought, but, love the Hexagon foundation that is the home for Democrats and their evil legion, and then wonder why this country just gets worse year in and out.  And note how the leaders are f—-rs over 65 as a whole.  Oh, and almost all of them are white.  Party of diversity, tolerance, and inclusion.  You gotta love hypocrisy and double standards, interesting, traits of evil people, you think?


You know where this road leads…

Addendum Dec 1 9AM:  I appreciate validation:

  1. http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/11/30/hannity-san-francisco-sanctuary-city-laws-policies-killed-kate-steinle    If you don’t know this story by now, well, one helluva rock to be lifting to get back to reality.
  2. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/454228/masterpiece-cakeshop-case-stop-misrepresenting    Yep, the Non-heterosexual community is not interested in choice or free speech, and we know it.  And these folks who let their extremist shit-bags continue to run the dialogue wonder why people are afraid of LGBT folks…
  3. Finally, http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/12/leftists_ensnared_in_scandals_over_sexual_behavior.html    Quite the list documented as of now, and how wonderful the folks associated with these scumbags have the unmitigated gall to admit they knew these cretins were perpetual violators for years, and yet the enablers said nothing.  Gee, physicians who don’t report child abuse can lose their licenses and go to jail, but people in politics and entertainment, well, they get promoted.  Sorry to readers, but, screw every and all these cretin apologists___________________________________________
  4. and then addendum at 1130AM (as I am stuck in this listing mode now!!!):

this one is my favorite validating post, and I hope readers who are at least intrigued by what I am writing here will somewhat agree:


“In refusing to step down, Moore is executing a playbook written three decades ago by the 42nd President, Bill Clinton. During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Clinton figured out that if you have no shame and ignore calls to resign, you can survive any scandal. All you have to do is lie repeatedly (“there is nothing going on between us”) and show no remorse when you are caught doing so. When more women come forward with more allegations, deny them, too, and create just enough doubt that your supporters will feel justified sticking with you. Blame your opponents for conducting a political witch hunt to run you out of office. If the evidence becomes overwhelming, then admit “a critical lapse in judgment” but declare it is time “to move on” because “we have important work to do.” 

For Clinton, it worked like a charm. He forced his supporters to choose between power and principle — knowing full well that power would win out. The feminist movement — the very people who should have been championing Clinton’s victims — instead sided with him. Gloria Steinem beclowned herself in a notorious 1998 New York Times op-ed where she attacked Clinton’s accusers, made excuses for his deceit and made light of his crimes. All 45 Senate Democrats voted to acquit Clinton in his impeachment trial.”

oh, what does that say, lying, lack of remorse, and then mock boundaries, hmm, I think I have heard that before, and sorry I am so crass…

But, think about this over the weekend.  Do people really want this shit show Swamp that is Politics, media, and entertainment to really change for the better?  Maybe, just maybe, it is time to not only punish the perpetrators of these heinous acts and behaviors, but also hold the enablers accountable as well?!?!

Otherwise, you leave the clueless, complicit, and Darth Sidious cronies still in place, and someone else will just find a way to gain and claim power, and then the cycle continues unabated.  Is this about change, or just deranged?!  Cue Albert E to clarify that last sentence, do the same damn thing over and over and expect different results, what does that need?  Not this f—-g psychiatrist to intervene, that is for damn sure!!!


addendum Sat Dec 2 9AM:

I think Mr Prager says it best here:


“In other words, in almost every area of life, the better things are, the worse it is for the Democratic Party. Democrats have placed themselves in the role of benefiting from social and moral dysfunction.

And they have embraced this role. The Democratic Party cultivates singlehood, black anger at America, Latino separatism, victimhood, group grievance and dependency on government. Nor is this the only way in which Democrats do terrible damage to America. They are also tearing America apart, setting women against men (with such falsehoods as “the war on women,” “the rape culture” at American colleges, and the nonsense that “women are paid less for the same work”), blacks against whites, and Latinos against other Americans. They do this because the less women see men as an enemy, the less blacks regard whites as an enemy, and the more Latinos see themselves as Americans, the worse it is for Democrats. 

The Democratic Party has been become a wholly destructive force in this country. Even though you may not intend to, if you vote for any Democrat, you contribute to that damage.”

That last paragraph is completely on the mark for me.  Hence, he might not write it as I do, the party of evil, but, one is judged by the company one keeps.

Deny that, partisan hacks who embrace Democrat agendas like oxygen and glucose!  And this hate and disruption are essential elements for them!!

Oh, and to challenge the usual tripe retorts I am just a Republican/Conservative hack, the Republicans and Conservatives are the party of incompetence and inaction, which ain’t much better than evil at the end of the day!!!

But, we are forced into choice of lesser of evils, eh?!?!