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Careful how you interpret that title, I am not thanking either for anything good, wholesome, and appreciated in a positive way.  Nope, I am thanking them for being the malignant narcissistic bastard and antisocial sexual assaulter respectively,

But, sometimes one has to fight fire with fire, and that is exactly what they both have accomplished, Weinstein in completely an unintended nor wanted way, but, hey, his completely heinous behaviors exposed his buddies in Hollywood, national Media, and Washington for the antisocial cretins they are.  As I write this, perhaps that Giant Asshole in the Senate, Al “grope that bitch” Franken might be forced to resign tomorrow, wow?!  And to think this f—-r wrote a book he titled “Giant of the Senate”, wow, karma is the wonderful bitch to slap this scum bag hard to his head!!!

I want to focus though on what Donald Trump has accomplished in only the 10 months he has been in office.  He has forced all these bastards and bitches not only in D.C., but others in State and Local political spots to trip up and show their constituents what selfish, ignorant, and corrupt f—-rs they truly are.  In their Anti-Trump zeal to try to show the people how terrible Trump is, they wound up showing how terrible the accusers are as well.  And note that last sentence, I note how terrible Trump is and how terrible the accusers are as well.

Trump is the final product of generations of shitty voters, shitty incumbents, and the pervasive clueless and complicit shitty ilk and legion of these faux 2 party system of Republocrats who have no other agenda but keeping their jobs and control of America, not doing one genuine, caring thing to help the public.

So, the Swamp is now fully exposed to be the pervasive bunch of scumbags and villains who just prey on honest, law abiding, and concerned citizens who have pathetically supported all these shit-bags/douchebags in positions of power, control, and influence across society.  Vote and support lesser of evils, yep, ya got it, America…

Oh, and to the coming assholes who will try to frame Trump wanting the US Embassy in Jerusalem to cause all this violence by the Palestinians and other Arab terrorist bastards, yeah, those last 37 years of efforts to gain peace in the Middle East, mostly by Democrat losers who either really had no interest to help Israel or just no clue how hypocritical and disingenuous the Palestinians really are, these media and pundit assholes can go fuck themselves in their relentless lying and disdainful rhetoric to sell to dumbasses listening to these fake news fuckers!

As an aside, who watches or reads any of these failed “news outlets” who wants to know what is really going on, that includes Fox News as much as CNN, MSNBC, all the partisan regular news stations not on cable?  These partisan hacks have no interest in presenting real news, just agendas.  ABC directly caused the Stock Market to fall 350 points last Friday after misleading about the Flynn plea, and will anything really happen to hold them accountable??  Oh, and read major Newspapers these days?  Even USA Today sucks shit, trying to read it earlier this year while staying at a hotel during a Locum Tenens assignment.  Their sports page has this loser idiot woman spouting political points on the front page of the section!…

Anyway, how completely illustrative Einstein’s comment of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results comes to bear with failed US policy with refusing to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  And pay attention to who disagrees with this plan, as they are the antisemitic cretins at the end of the day!

But, if any reader here wants to know why all these losers are now being exposed, you are going to have to thank Trump and Weinstein for some of it, sorry…

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Addendum Sunday Dec 10:  Really don’t want to add Al Franken, but after reading this column, well, three might be a crowd, but, even one asshole in the room makes for too many, eh?


“It appears that storm is fading fast in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in both our culture and our politics. And politicians and aspiring politicians who had the wink, wink, nod, nod OK to do this, while polite society looked the other way, don’t get any more winks or nods anymore.

Well said…

Not banking on the general electorate to have a moment of shame and humility though, we don’t even know where those concepts are buried…

Who really sucks when it comes to politics?