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Over at my near least favorite site here at the Net, good ol’ http://www.madinamerica.com, Dr Eve Wood wrote this post, and a shame she wasted it at such a thankless, ungrateful, and just mostly Personality Disordered trolled “mental health critic” (just read the thread, never ceases to amaze me how the editors are equally shameful and pathetic in their false claims of moderation).  Well here is her post:


It is a good read to the end, but, read the thread like you are willing to wade hip dip into septic tank drivel.  Some highlights I found worthy to echo:

“We psychiatrists were once “soul teachers,” which is the true meaning of the word psychiatrist. Not that long ago, our work involved stepping into the deepest recesses of our patients’ worlds, and partnering with them to find healing and transformation. Many of us were drawn to the field of psychiatry specifically because it afforded us the best opportunity to get to know, and help, others in need of healing. The therapeutic relationship was broadly understood to be paramount to that process.”

(incredible how many assholes attacked her comment of being “soul teachers”.  Oh yeah, most of those losers have no soul, so the comment had no redeeming impact…)


“The changes I have seen in the field of psychiatry over the course of my 35 years in medicine are stunning! Things once unthinkable are now common. On October 15, 2017, an article appeared on Doximity’s Op-(med) feed written by Jeffrey Alan Vernon, DO, titled: “Why Psychotherapy Training Shouldn’t Be Part of Psychiatry Residency”! For those of you unaware, Doximity is an online social networking service for U.S. clinicians. Launched in March of 2011, Doximity has over 800,000 verified members as of February 2017. Since the publication of Dr. Vernon’s article, 214 physicians, mostly psychiatrists, have commented on it. Most have been deeply troubled by the suggestion that psychotherapy should be relegated elsewhere, and the psychiatrist “freed up” to do more of the “Medical Management.” But 32 have expressed their thumbs up, or like, for the article.”


“Many of us have become disillusioned with our profession. We have experienced a loss of meaning, purpose, connection, and hope. As the field has moved away from the wonder and pathos of human existence, and taken on a model that reduces life to tick boxes and pill dispensing, we have lost touch with what makes us human. The psychoanalytically oriented field I was raised in, psychodynamic psychiatry, told of complex human beings who suffered and struggled. As psychiatrists, we had the opportunity to meet with such people and hear their stories in an intimate way.”

Read it all, but I’ll finish with something that stole my thunder:

“We psychiatrists no longer treat patients, we “manage medicines.” Almost all of us use an electronic health record (EHR), in which we need to document the clinical notes and prescriptions. This activity takes precious time away from the few face-to-face moments we have with our patients. All the work of the visit, which is frequently less than 20 minutes long, must be documented in a cumbersome, time-consuming EHR.”

I wanted to write about these shitty EMRs in the next week or so, as the one I am using at my current Locums job is so useless, but, hey Obamination Care had to fuck up peoples’ lives in as many creative and disruptive ways, and making sure it is easy to access, well, like what you are learning about the corruption of the FBI?!  Dr Wood summed it up fine so I’ll go with that…

Near the bottom of the usual troll infested thread, as of this writing Dec 9th, a Madmom wrote this at the end of her comment, and boy, resonated with me:

“My brother left the practice of medicine after twenty years doling out pills to his patients and became a landscaper. Now he heals the earth. He has never been happier.”

I would like to do so as well, humanity at least in this country, just a bunch of weeds, fungus, and other disruptions to the homeostasis of the planet.

On a more interesting and somewhat positive note, overall, 5 inches of snow fell today here on the East Coast.  White Christmas might be a reality this year?!

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