Disposable.  Goes with my prior three of Dishonest, Disdainful, and Disingenuous.  Yeah, I wrote about the below a month or so ago, but, read it from someone else that spells it out more pleasantly than I do:


“Obamacare is great for those near poverty (where Democrats prefer Americans to dwell), but terrible for anyone even close to middle class. Doug Gray, executive director of the Virginia Association of Health Plans, told the paper: “For the people without a subsidy, it’s ridiculous. It’s completely unaffordable. It works very well for people who are at 100 [percent] to 400 percent of the poverty line. It doesn’t work at all if you’re over that.”

I read something recently that sums up what Democrats and their evil choir are really about, the 3 “V” words, of being “Victims”, “Voters”, and “Vengeance”, and for me, sums up what the Demon-craps are all about.  Keep your supporters obliged, by making (1) their pain and suffering an illusion the leaders fake giving a shit about, then (2) make sure the sell that getting what people think they need, but more often just want, makes them vote lock stock and barrel just for a party, and finally, well, (3) the vengeance part is the most heinous of all.

Here’s the most pathetic and vile example of that third part, from these shit-bag Liberals and Progressives from last week:  better to align with Palestinians who want heard and respected because they will just be violent and destructive, than with honest and responsible allies like the Israelis, because acknowledging that Jerusalem is the capital of the country is such a vile and terrible thing to consider.

Oh, pay no attention to the fact the last 3 Demon-crap Presidents outwardly agreed to that premise when they ran for office!

to hell with the Democrats, their supporters, and those who think that ruling by threat, intimidation, and promoting ruinous causes is leadership.  Hey, I despise the Republicans, who are Repugnocants, but, at least they don’t outwardly want me demeaned, defiled, or simply dead!

Alabama’s election tomorrow is a referendum of the complete and utter lack of real representation from these shitbag Republocrats, they once again give the people either a Republican sexual predator or a Democrat hack hawking murder, who thinks abortion on demand up to the end of the third trimester is appropriate and responsible.

That lesser of evil thing, how’s it goin’ for ya, American expectorant, er, electorate!?!?

Obama will have his reckoning, I just hope to be there to see it!!!

obamacare lies

Addendum Tuesday Dec 12:  I read this AM the mayor of San Damn-cisco died yesterday, and I know this rude and insensitive, but still write it, oh well…

Really, this bastard didn’t care about Kate Steinle’s death, so, why should those of us who are responsible and accountable give a damn about this loser’s death as well?

Tell me I am equally a bastard, well, at least I don’t support illegal immigration and thwarting healthy boundaries, so if that is hell doing what appears to be right and responsible , so be it…