I’ve repeated this line from a M*A*S*H episode many times here and in my life outside the Net, and that was from Father Mulcahy in an episode where he tried to help a soldier looking for sanctuary:  “a faith of convenience is a shallow faith!”

Well, of late these days from so many loser and jackasses out there trying to claim superiority in so many ways, let’s just look at those who use morality as a convenience, like the loser Democrats of late who think they can toss out a few, expendable politicians in their herd and then think they can demand anyone else be forced out as well.

Nice try.  The jerk Franken is, he’ll resign “in a few weeks”.  What the hell is that?!?!

Then, ethical conveniences, like the loser media jerks who think they can make wild and unsubstantiated accusations without firm facts and validation, then claim either those were exceptions or being taken out of context.  God, I am so sick and tired of that lame excuse, taken out of context, when the irony of the shit being thrown around by the flagrant Trump haters is exactly that, no context of truth!  FAKE NEWS LIVES!!!

Finally, what I see professionally in my field, doctors who use loose standards of care as conveniences, like prescribing medications like Pez and then claiming there is evidence in the literature to substantiate reckless prescribing behaviors when consequences play out.  Or making loose and vague diagnostic impressions, gee, on political or celebrity figures and then claim that it isn’t a violation of the Goldwater rule (read here to understand:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldwater_rule ) but a greater duty to warn the public of impending harm.  Bullshit!

Any behavior /agenda that is first and foremost to promote a personal, political, or small group gain is just that:  selfish, reckless, and disruptive.  Which is a characterological trait, and needs outed as such.  People who do things solely for convenience are losers, creeps, and bastards, there is no other way to frame it.

Which makes one wonder, we have politicians, from both sides of the polluted aisle of Republocrats, who live by what is popular, easy, and CONVENIENT!

So, the next time one hears someone exclaim he/she as the accuser is demanding something such accuser doesn’t reflect in their own prior behaviors or deeds, and even have the unmitigated gall to say that the rules don’t apply to the accuser but to others, well, why does one put up with such bullshit and hypocrisy?

Think about it!  Gillebrand below would have blown Clinton when it would benefit her elected or re-elected, I’ll say what Trump should have said!  And then where is the real abuse then, eh, Kirsten!